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Daily Committment Thread - 10/31/08

Hi all! Up in the middle of the night unable to sleep, and haven't been here to check in for a few days, so wanted to say Hi and wish everyone HAPPY HALLOWEEN!! I've just been swamped, running from one situation to another, re working fulltime, helping with grandson, and arranging for a move to a memory care place from where my mom is in a skilled nursing facility. I've seen some signs of stress showing up in my body, like tummy upsets, vulnerablity to getting colds, and a few falls at the gym, and don't know if the fact that I am not handling stress by engaging in old destructive eating patterns has entered into the stress showing up in other ways. I know I'd have alot more trouble handling all my resonsibilities if I was off program, and though I haven't had time to check in here as much as I would like, I know I feel so much better being able to stay OP. Take care everyone, and hope it's a great day for all, Maajida

Re: Daily Committment Thread - 10/31/08

Thanks to Maaj for getting us started today and Happy Halloween to all of you as well. :)

I am up a bit late and have gotten the guys off, now to get the little ones off to school too. I will get some chores done, do the treadmill and off to meet my mom to take her to the store and have lunch. It should be a nice day.

The kids have Halloween parties at school today which means more candy coming home. Here's hoping that it holds no appeal for me like the last bunch! LOL

Have a wonderful OP day!

Re: Daily Committment Thread - 10/31/08

Good morning,
Maajida sure sounds like you need some relief. Glad that you are exercising and eating right that will help with the stress. Take care of yourself or you won't be able to take care of everyone else.
I'm off to work in a few minutes. I've got a crockpot full of spilt pea soup going. I love to get home and have supper made. Yesterday wasn't a good OP day but I really enjoyed it. We went out with friends for my birthday. Had a glass of wine, did have a decent meal- broiled scallops without butter and a plain baked potato with salsa (a great combo if you haven't tried it) and a salad. Then we decided we needed dessert so had a decadent choc. cake. Now I'm definitely back OP. Hope to get more exercise now that work is slowing down.
Have to run and get ready for work. Have a fun Halloween and a great weekend.


Re: Daily Committment Thread - 10/31/08

HAPPY HALLOWEEN from the south!

I've had a busy morning so far. The kids are all coming Sunday (Lilly's first visit to Granny's), so I'm doing my housecleaning today, since I've been gone the last two!

I've got to put together some "treats" for the grandkids that will come out this afternoon. They like "anything" that I make or buy. This year is going to be homemade treats. We had so much fun last week making the "spooky eyes", I may make some more of them. I WILL BE IN CONTROL, though, whatever I do!

Here's to a good OP day for everyone and a great week-end!


Re: Daily Committment Thread - 10/31/08

Good morning everyone!!

I'm so excited!! Uki - I put out a notice on freecycle that I was looking for tiki torches/working or non working ones....and a lady is giving me 3 tomorrow morning!! How cool is that!? Oh, and the library back in my home town has the soundtrack to Indiana Jones and my sister is going to check it out and bring it to my son's party...so that will save me $$ as well.

Anyway, on the food front...doing well. Put my kids treat bags together last night. I did partake in some M&M's, but I had the points so that was OK. We're taking the kids treatin tonight so when I get off work, I'll have to book it home and get them ready to go. DH is supposed to feed them before I get there.

I have a wedding to attend tomorrow, so I may not be on the board at all tomorrow. The wedding is out of town so...I'll be taking my own snacks and may just skip the reception altogether to avoid the food...esp. the cake, LOL!! We all know about my cake weaknesses.

Have a super weekend everyone!

Re: Daily Committment Thread - 10/31/08

I'm still OP, this week has been going good. I'll weigh in on Monday and hopefully have a good loss. Usually my first week is good (like a lot of people) and then it slows down. I did get to the store last night so I have lots of things to make for healthy meals and snacks. Have a good day all.

Re: Daily Committment Thread - 10/31/08

Hey. Well, since posting my intro thread the other day, I have really binged. But, I'm sick of it! I so want to lose this weight. It's killing me. Today, I have ate a ton of candy, a pizza sub, and fries. Oh, and breakfast. I feel so HUGE! I feel that I am at the end of my rope.

But, as I was just drinking my Mountain Dew, and came on here, I said "no more". I'm not starting tomorrow, or Monday. I'm starting right now. No more food today, and some real activity. Water, no more pop for me. I just wanted to let you guys know, and to thank you for the warm welcomes I got!!

Re: Daily Committment Thread - 10/31/08

Kentuckygal, been where you're at so many times I've lost count. You're attitude is right though, start now not tomorrow. Hang in there.