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Re: Low point side dishes?

I haven't read through eveyones ideas on this post yet, but here are some things I love...some I haven't had in awhile, but here goes:

Butternut Squash Fries (I highly recommend)
Steamed Broccoli
Lipton's Mushroom Rice (like the $1.00 kind in the bag)...I pour in some ICINB spray and it turns out perfectly w/o the "real" butter/marg.
Cottege Cheese

I also take a cookie sheet and line it with foil and cut up colorful peppers and cut up some onion and canned whole potatoes. I spray them down with olive oil spray and sprinkle on salt/pepper/garlic powder/chili seasoning and bake them on about 425 degrees until they are the done the way i like them. They smell so good cooking and you can even use foil pans and place it on the grill if you like to grill veggies outside. This makes the house smell so good and I sometimes make myself a "meal" just off these veggies. Got the "idea" from Ronis page...greenlitebites.com....it's one of my favs!

Hope this helps!

Re: Low point side dishes?

here are some more ideas:

Hungry Jack has some flavored instant potatoes that are sold in pouches and all you have to add is water. They taste great and are 2 pts for half a cup.
Stove top is also good, I put just a small amount of the spray butter in it and add some onion to it. If I remember correctly this is 2 pts for half a cup.
Potato Perogies are good also. Pts value depends on brand. I boil them and then saute some onion and garlic and serve that over the perogies or you can just use some low fat sr cream.
Zero pt veggies are great
Barley instead of rice
Beans seasoned with sauted onions, garlic, seasoned salt and red pepper flakes

Re: Low point side dishes?

Oooooo, Tammy, I forgot about Stove top and the Hungry Jack pouches. You are right - those are yummy. I love pierogies too....

Lots of great suggestions, Ladies! :)

Re: Low point side dishes?

Yum, everything sounds so good, thanks again everyone.


Re: Low point side dishes?

I like to use the Uncle Bens brown rice that are in 1 cup containers already cooked and mix any type of veges in it.
I use the green giant steam veges so much quicker.