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Re: HC Cafe Steamers?

I just had the roasted chicken marsala for lunch and it wasn't bad. I don't know that I would buy it again but it was something different.
Hope you have a Happy Birthday!

Re: HC Cafe Steamers?

Thanks, Becky! I bought the grilled chicken alfredo one, so I will let you know if that one is better than the marsala. I almost bought the marsala one, and since it was just so-so, I am glad I didn't.

Re: HC Cafe Steamers?

What are these and what is HC?


Re: HC Cafe Steamers?

HC is Healthy Choice. They are in the frozen dinner section of the store. The grilled chicken alfredo was quite tasty. I would not pay full price for it - it wasn't that good, but for 74 cents, it was just fine. LOL