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Daily committment thread for 11-4-08

Happy Election Day! Be sure to get out there and vote. I suspect this is going to be a close election, so it should be pretty exciting to watch. The kids are having a mock election at school as well.

I had a nice day yesterday. My mom and my stepsisters went to Denny's for brunch and I had scrambled egg beaters/veggies and 2 pancakes with SF syrup. I asked for it to be grilled dry and no margarine on it. The server did bring me a cup of butter for my pancakes, but I didn't use it!!! It was all very good. Scott had parent/teacher conferences last night so it was just me and the kids for dinner. I had picked up personal pan pizzas for them with their book-it coupons and I warmed them up. I had a Healthy Choice Cafe Steamer that I had gotten on sale for less than $1. It was pretty good.

Today is my birthday. We are just having dinner here at home since it is a school night. But I suspect Scott is bringing home a cake, so I am planning for that. I "suggested" he get a 1/2 cake from the bakery so that it would be just enough for tonight. That way I am not tempted to eat too much. I hope he does...

So what are you up to?

Re: Daily committment thread for 11-4-08

Happy Birthday Uki. I'm off to vote in a few minutes then to the chiropractor. When I get done with him I have just enough time for a quick lunch and pack the car with my flu shot and health screening stuff and drive to Syracuse (1 1/2 Hrs) work till 5 then drive home in the dark. My body still hasn't adjusted to the time change.
My mom made it through knee surgery yesterday. She may be able to go home today. My father in law is still in the hospital, don't know what will happen there. They really can't find anything wrong (except for the fact that he is total care from the strokes). It is really hard to be so far away when we feel like we should be helping.
I'll be OP today since I won't have much time for snacking. Tomorrow is WW.
Have a good day


Re: Daily committment thread for 11-4-08

Good morning everyone! It's been a crazy weekend and I haven't been around a computer much. Hopefully everyone is doing well. I need to catch up on reading the board. Hopefully everyone survived the Halloween candy.

I'm back to work and today looks like it's going to be kinda slow again, but I have plenty of paperwork to fill some of the time.

Hope everyone has a great day. Thanksgiving is almost here...my favorite holiday of all.

Re: Daily committment thread for 11-4-08

Happy Birthday Uki, hope it's a blessed one for you. I'm OP today. I went to Texas Roadhouse last night with the family and did quite well. I ordered the 6 oz. sirloin (it didn't look that big and I gave 4 bites away) cooked without butter, that was the best steak I've ever had, so tender and juicy. Then I had a baked potato plain with sour cream on the side. I only used a small amt. of the sour cream. I also had the house salad with low fat ranch. I felt so good coming out of there not stuffed like I normally would have. Anyway, I have a ton of running around to do today, then taking my granddaughter to piano lessons coming back home eating dinner with hubby and then we'll go vote. Have a great day everyone.