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Weigh in 11/5

It wasn't pretty at WW today. I was us 3.2. Not sure what happened but I'm recomitting as of right now. I looked back and I'm at the same weight I was on 9/3. That's 2 months wasted.
Hopefully when I'm done traveling for work in a couple weeks I'll be able to eat and exercise regularly. Can't believe how much money I've thrown down the drain.
I went to McD's for lunch after WW. Planned on having the Asian Chicken salad which I know is 6 points (earned 3 AP this AM) but they don't have that salad anymore. I had the Southwestern salad with grilled chicken, no dressing and picked off all the corn chips. It wasn't very good and way too expensive. Haven't figured out the points yet but I won't be getting that again. Probably would have been better with the dressing but it isn't FF.
Update on the parents front. Haven't heard from my Mom so not sure if she is still in the hospital or not. Jim's dad is still in the hospital, he has pneumonia and is dehydrated. They are keeping him till al least tomorrow. His Mom actually asked the Dr. if she could still take care of him at home and the Dr. just said " that's a decision you have to make". At least she is beginning to think along those lines.
Won't be on tomorrow. I have to leave home at 7AM and won't be back till after 8PM.
Have a good couple days


Re: Weigh in 11/5

Hi Pat,

I so sympathize with the situation with your folks. We are in the same boat with scott's parents. Mom did take Dad home, but she is really struggling to care for him there. His mind is really going and physically, he is declining as well. No one wants to tell her what to do, so we just try to support her in whatever she decides. It isn't easy.

I think your attitude regarding the gain is excellent. I am sure that not being as active with the exercise has a lot to do with it. And your schedule has been crazy lately. DOn't think of it as time and money wasted. Use the experience to reflect back to try to see what went wrong. This can be a valuable learning experience for you. Nothing happens randomly. I really believe that. I think things happen for a reason and it is up to us to try to figure it out.

You are all recommited and we are here to support you. YOu can do this and we are here to encourage you every step of the way.