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Missing the Message Board!

I had to abruptly end in the middle of a message Sunday afternoon and haven't been able to be back on for a minute until now. We had just gotten word Sunday that our daughter and son-in-law had been in a serious motorcycle accident and we had to rush to the hospital, therefore, I didn't have time for any explanation. Our daughter was treated and released with only three stitches and lots of scrapes and bruises, but our son-in-law suffered broken shoulder, three broken ribs, forehead injury requiring many stitches, scraped up hands, knees, etc. His recovery will take quite some time, but he may be realeased from the hospital tomorrow. I have been at the hospital during the day and stayed with the 5 granchildren the last two nights. I will be back with them tomorrow night, but will get to be home Friday night again. Perhaps I will be able to catch up on everyone's posts then. I have missed ya'll.

The good news that I was going to put in my post Sunday was that I had weighed in on Saturday at WW meeting, had lost 3 pounds. I had made that 50 pound mark, plus 1 total so far!! I was so excited that I went shopping ALL DAY Saturday trying on clothes. I only bought a couple of things, but hope my size doesn't go much farther down! I bought size 10 jeans! Mainly because all my "old ones" looked like a family of five had moved out of the rear!! LOL!

Hope all of you have been having a good OP week. I'm trying, but it is difficult when I am away from my "safety zone" under these circumstances and not always in control of the meals being served to us, etc. Things will be back to "normal" soon, perhaps!

I look forward to being back on here and getting to read all the posts that I have missed since Sunday, even the menus to see what ya'll have been eating! LOL! Aren't we FUNNY!

Miss you guys....Diane S

Re: Missing the Message Board!

Oh, Diane!! I am so thankful that everyone will be okay. The accident sounds terrible. I will keep your family in my prayers.

Congratulation on your loss!! Way to go! What a wonderful acomplishment and it is such great encouragement for all of us. Give yourself a big pat on the back!

I know what you mean about missing the board. I check in a couple times a day to see what everyone is doing. You ladies are part of my family. :)

Re: Missing the Message Board!

Did they wear helmets? My husband rides a motorcycle and it always worries me a bit. I like the gas mileage but not the risk so much.

Re: Missing the Message Board!

Lisa, my daughter was wearing a helment and only had three stitches in her left hand. My son-in-law was not and took the worst of the fall! The other guys weren't wearing them either. There is no helment law in our state. For the life of me, I don't know why!

I think they learned a valuable lesson, though! The money he had saved from driving it to work instead of his diesel truck will now help pay medical bills. They are still going to ride, though, and are looking forward to ordering their new bike!