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Daily committment thread for 11-7-08

Good morning ladies and happy Friday! I am hoping that everyone had a good day yesterday.

I got lots of running around done and had a nice time with my mom.

Today is a day at home and I am ready for that. I have plenty to do here to keep me busy and that will make less for the weekend.

What are your plans today?

Re: Daily committment thread for 11-7-08

Good morning. I thought today was a day at home for me also. That lasted until I got a call at 6:30 saying that one of the nurses can't work because her son had a massive seizure last night at college. I feel sorry for the woman who does our schedule when something like this happens. She had to wake up several people to get someone to work. Oh well, only a couple more weeks then I can get back to my life.
We had some "good" news yesterday about my father-in-law. 2 physical therapists worked with him at the hospital and told my mother-in-law that they didn't see how she could take him home. She found a nursing home bed for him yesterday but then they decided to keep him in the hospital another day. Hopefully he gets moved today. They told her that he needs to be there a few weeks to get his strength built up, but Jim and I both think that once he gets there he won't leave. He has never done any of the therapy that everyone told him he should do to get stronger.
Yesterday was a 13 hour day. I put 200 miles on my car and was beat when I got home. I took my lunch and supper with me and grabbed it when I could. The last clinic we did was in a grocery store and we were set up next to the ice cream (we froze) and across from a wall of candy. I enjoyed looking at it but wasn't tempted to buy any.
Have to go to the chiropractor this AM Don't know what I'm fixing for meals today but it will be OP.

Have a good day

Re: Daily committment thread for 11-7-08

I'm a little late in posting today. I'm OP and have been doing more Christmas shopping and busy running around. My DH has the day off so we went to lunch. I stayed OP and brought half my sandwich home for dinner.
Have a great weekend everyone.

Re: Daily committment thread for 11-7-08

I'm even later checking in than you are today, Laura...am ok and OP - just very hectic with work and family obligations...hugs, everyone..maajida