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Commitment 11/8

Guess everyone is sleeping in today. I should have, it is rainy and getting cold and dark. Jim walks in all kinds of weather so he just left with his umbrella. I'm only a fair weather walker. Not a lot going on today. I'm going to a craft show this AM. Probably won't buy much but like to look. This afternoon we have to go to a funeral for a lady we've known for years. Then this evening we're having 2 guys over for pizza. Their wives are gone so I decided to feed them at least one meal. I'll make a big pizza for the 3 guys and something different for me. I've made a crust out of polenta (corn meal) and it is pretty good but it takes a while to make. May just make some whole wheat pasta and add the veggies to it. Whatever I do it will be core.
Hope everyone has a good weekend.
Jim's Dad did get moved to the nursing home yesterday. He threw a fit but Mom finally got him talked down and he went without too much hassle. She still thinks he will come home when he gets his strength back. We'll see.


Re: Commitment 11/8

Good morning everyone! I was OP yesterday, just not near a computer to report in. Hope everyone has a great weekend. My plan is to go out and get some Christmas shopping done. I did manage a few min. out of the house last night before Target closed and picked up Brady's birthday present...next Sat. is the party.

Have a great weekend everyone!

Re: Commitment 11/8

It's cold and gloomy here in Michigan today. We had a huge limb come down last night and shook the house. Luckily it didn't come down on the house. The guys are out there now, cutting it up. I'm staying in where it's warm and I'll be OP today. I'm also going to a craft show with my mom today which should be fun. Hope everyone has a great weekend.