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Daily committment thread for 11-9-08

Sorry to be MIA yesterday! The family planned my birthday celebration for that day and the kids had flu shots first thing in the morning, so we headed out the door and didn't get back until after dark!

I got up early and rode the trainer, and had an OP breakfast. Then we got the kids' flu shots, and went to the bread thrift store. I got 3 loaves of lite wheat for $1.99!! Then off to the flea market - no good finds. Then to Kohl's where I got a fleece sweater, 2 turtlenecks and 2 pair of earrings. We had lunch at a Japanese restaurant. I had the clear soup, salad with no dressing, grilled shrimp, steamed rice (not fried), and grilled veggies. Then off to the mall, where Anna and I got Christmas earrings, then to the movies to see Wall-E. ANd finally home. I was pooped!

Today, we have church this morning and for the first time in several weeks, youth group is not here! That should make for a more relaxing weekend. :)

What are you up to?

Re: Daily committment thread for 11-9-08

Good Morning, Uki,

I am just now catching up on a few of the posts from the past week. I have missed everyone sooooo much. I tried to stay OP as much as possible under the circumstances, just didn't get in everything I needed for the day...but, OH WELL! Yesterday was my first good OP all the way day and I look forward to the same today.

Thanks for the prayers for my kids. I drove them home from the hospital Thursday afternoon. They are both doing good. Allen has a long recovery and therapy at least three times a week. Christie is doing great. I will continue to help out as needed, but still try to keep up better on my computer, also!

I am headed to early Sunday School and church this a.m., then over to check on them before coming home and resting a little myself. Woke up early this a.m. not able to sleep, so have been doing paper work and checking the computer.

Hope everyone has a great OP day....Oh, I skipped WW yesterday since it was a weigh and go day because of their annual leader meeting. Why spend my money just to step on the scale since I am a lifetime trying to get back to goal and don't have to pay for that missed meeting! I will just look forward even more to stepping on it this coming Saturday.....

Who else is up this early?

Re: Daily committment thread for 11-9-08

OP today.
B:Fiber one muffin
L:Eating out so probably a salad
D:Chicken,mashed cauliflower and garlic green beans.
S:mini fig newtons

Went to a Japenese restaurant last night as well. We ordered a seafood platter it had some type of light sauce, brown rice and some smoked salmon sushi.
I saved all my extra points for dinner.

Re: Daily committment thread for 11-9-08

Better late than never I guess. We were up early today and to church. Had to go pick up supplies for this week's flu shot clinics. Now watching the Buffalo Bills get beat.
Yesterday was an OP day. Made the pizza for the guys and for myself I made the crust with cornmeal and oatmeal. It sounds weird but is quite good. Made apple crisp for the guys and for me I baked apples mixed with cinnamon and splenda topped with oatmeal. Not as good as the real stuff but a sweet ending to the meal. Just a ho-hum day.