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Foods for 11/11/08

It looks like we sort of stopped doing this thread lately...but I need it so here's my food for today.

Breakfast - waffle w/ cream cheese - 3
Snack - grapes 1
Lunch - Wendy's small chili, crackers, 1/2 container of yogurt. 6
Snack - Prezels 2
Dinner - Meatloaf, mashed pot, steamed broc. - guessing 9ish
Snack - apple


Re: Foods for 11/11/08

I will post too. I stopped starting this thread because so few posted on it, so I just thought no one wanted it anymore. I like this thread! It gives me good ideas.

B: Nutrigrain waffles and PB2

L: Hanging head in shame... 3 Keebler elf cookies (sigh) That was 6 points right there. It didn't put me over points, it just wasn't a good use of them, however... they were really good and I stopped at 3 which used to be an impossibility for me in the past. I would have eaten 10 easily.

D: out with Scott - I think he wants McDonald's. Ack! LOL I am not doing a salad, so I will probably get a cheeseburger happy meal.

Treat: I will use some extra points for my WW ice cream

Re: Foods for 11/11/08

B-1 egg,1 slice aldi 1 pt cheese,canadian bacon on a sandwich thin
L-lettuce wrap with turkey, light ranch dressing
1/2 cup of madras lentils
D-whipped up an odd dinner
egg noodles
ground white turkey
GG baby vegetables
98% FF cream of mushroom soup
Havent figured out the points on dinner but I think I am OP

Re: Foods for 11/11/08

B'fast - Coffee with creamer, Strawberries (was in a rush to go shopping)

Lunch - Boca burger on 1 pt bun, large whole dill pickle

Dinner - Minute steak with gravy, biscuits, green beans, sliced tomato, onion (I was really hungry after all day shopping...and still had the points)

Snack - WW yogurt, Milk with no-sugar Nestle Quick

Glad this is started back....I wondered why it had stopped while I was MIA.