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Daily committment thread for 11-13-08

Thank you all for your kind words yesterday. Sometimes I don't have the time first thing to recognize each of you and I always feel badly about that. I treasure this board and all you ladies and it is a privilege to join each day ot our journey together. You are all such blessings to me and have encouraged and helped me so much too. :)

That being said... welcome to another great day! It was good see so many check ins yesterday.

Hugs going out to Carrie - you have so much going on! Yes, the frustration with rsvp's is everywhere. I HATE it. I have gotten to the point that I simply call everyone to see if they are coming. It is a pain in the rear, but at least I know how many to prepare for. Let us know what is going on with the school. I have had my battles time and time again with the schools for both Wes and Mitch. Luckily, Anna has not had some the issues that the boys have. With Wes having mental health issues, I am well versed (fortunately or unfortunately, depending on how you look at it) with the rights of parents in the school system. Feel free to e-mail me if you want to. How did you do yesterday? Did you get to the store to get your foods?

Laura, it sounds like shopping went well. Did you get to look for any cookbooks? Another one I really like is for Fix and Forget it Lightly. I borrowed it from the library and then got my own copy. It is easy and light crockpot recipes.

Diane, you are soon going to have your hands full with the grandkids. I know it will be a fun time and look at all the AP's you will earn, chasing them around! LOL

No Patty yesterday. I know she is busy with the flu clinics. we hope you had a good OP day! :)

Shezz, it is so great to see you posting each day. Your dinner last night sounded great! Keep up the hard work and it will pay off.

Maaj, don't worry about the little slip ups. It truly is the overall eating pattern that counts. If you read my menu for yesterday, you will see I had one too. Lunch consisted of 3 keebler elf cookies. I had the points, but it wasn't a good choice and I know that. They were good though! LOL I am human and I got back on the horse. In the past I would have eaten 10 of them at least and then figured that I had blown the day, so the heck with it. This time, I stopped at 3 cookies and had an OP rest of the day. I actually only had to use 4 extra points and that was only because Scott wanted McDonald's for dinner and I wanted a burger not a salad. So no biggie. Life goes on and it will for you too. :)

I have a bazillion errands to run this morning, so I will be heading out as soon as the kids are on the bus. I was so tired yesterday afternoon. I took a 2 hour nap! That is not like me. I feel fine, just tired again. Sigh.

Have a wonderful day!

Re: Daily committment thread for 11-13-08

I back for a couple minutes. Another clinic today. Yesterday went well. Had my lunch with me so that was OP. Last night had a potluck to go to. I made SF vanilla pudding with pineapple and mandrain oranges and grapes in. Also made broccoli slaw. I did quite well. Took only a small spoonful of some beans and a couple other things. Just enough for a taste. I was pleasantly satisfied but not overstuffed like usual.
Well got to run. I'm stopping off at WW to get weighed before work.


Re: Daily committment thread for 11-13-08

Good morning everyone! I made it yesterday 100% OP. I wanted meatloaf so bad and I made one and it was yummy. Started decorating the garage for the party and getting stuff organized. It's looking really good. Tonight after I leave my office, I have to head down to my other job and do that so I won't have to go on Sat. Getting it out of the way. I did go shop a little last night and got a few things for myself food-wise. I had regestered my Kroger card online awhile back for automatic savings and the other day I got in the mail a bunch of coupons for free stuff. Last night I got a huge jar of pasta sauce, a case of water, a cake mix (LOL), and a huge box of General Mills Cereal--all for Free. Can't beat that!

Uki - my son is having problems with being "picked" on this year. I am having trouble with his teacher. His grades have slipped this year--not bad--but he can do way better. He's a typical 4th grade boy, but Brady is not the type of kid to "challenge" an adult so if he's being accused of something he didn't do...he'll just stand there and take the punishment rather than defend himself to an adult. We've had this problem this year with kids getting him into trouble for things he didn't do (b/c the kids are being so dang mean to him) and the teacher will punish Brady by making him pay back his reward tickets. He's come home so many times telling me that he's tried to tell her that he didn't do the things she's accussing him of and she won't listen. Well...I went off on her yesterday morning at 7:30 am before work--which put me in a fowl mood from the get go. She basically told me that my kid is a liar (her word was "untruthful." and a tattletale. She said she never "sees" other's hitting/slapping/poking him, it's always the other way around and when she tries to get to the bottom of it he always tells her that the other kids do it to him first and that's why he's doing it back. I'm like, OK, you can blame me for that I guess b/c time and time again he's come to you to tell you he's being picked on and also has told the bus driver (Brady's nose was bloodied by some punk the other day) and you don't do anything...and now you are telling me he's lying and a tattletale. I said to her that I told him to start defending and standing up for himself..not fight...but don't stand there and take that crap day in and day out. Probably not the best advice, but I'm sick of it. She got all high and mighty and was like ..well, we have to teach these kids that there are better ways of dealing with problems other than blah blah...and I'm like sure, and when he's tried to come to you you make him pay those tickets back and punish him..how do you think that makes me feel as a mother? I said, you are a mother..how would it make you feel if this was your kid? I was like, you are calling my kid a liar/tattletale and I see him come home every other day crying b/c of how he's picked on. I was so peeved that I cut her off after she said "well, that's just not true." I was like, I have to get ready for work now! Mark wants to have a meeting with her and I'm afraid I will want to pull her hair out if I see her again in person.

Sorry for the vent, but you all can see why I'm stressed out...this crap on top of 2 jobs, family, church, homework, party...it's getting to me, LOL.

I hope you all don't think I told my son to "fight" back bc I didn't, but I did tell him to stop letting the kids smack him in the back of the head, steal his stuff, trip other people and blame it on him, etc. etc. and to stand up for himself. I told him that the next time his teacher makes him pay back tickets for something he didn't do to look her in the eye and say "I didn't do what you are saying I did and I think you need to go and call my mom." That way he's standing up for himself and she better know that by him saying that that he's telling the truth. Funny how she has all this "behavior" issues and he gets and S plus in conduct. Wouldn't you think it would reflect in his conduct grade??

Have great day and thanks for listening.

Re: Daily committment thread for 11-13-08

I'm OP once again. Uki, I haven't made it to the library yet. I know I bought some WW cookbooks in the past but I just can't find them. I was getting their magazine also so I can look back at some of those. Also, my mom gets the magazines Cooking Light and Light & Tasty and she gives them to me when she's done. I'll get to looking for those and I'll come up with some new recipes I'm sure. Thanks for the tip though about the library.

I thought I was going to have my granddaughter today but it didn't work out. I now have to wait until Sat. to see her. It's been a week since I've had her over and I'm going through withdrawals. It seems like I can't get enough of her, she's so adorable. Oh well, I'll survive


Re: Daily committment thread for 11-13-08

Another crazy day here on the hill! Well, actually, I went to the mall about 11:00 and didn't get back until after 2:00. Was looking for my son-in-law jeans 32x36 that my daughter wasn't able to find in Florida. I found 5 pair, 1 black, then 4 shades of blue, so I bought them all while I could find them! They were on 50% off sale, plus I got another 15% off that and they ended up costing like $12.79 a pair inc. tax! Man!!! I couldn't believe it! I also found a few bargains at Michael's when I ran by there.

I have been OP all day so far. Will eat dinner before I go pick up the kids, probably. Then it will be non-stop until Sunday evening sometime! LOL! I'm prepared, though! I'll probably miss my WW meeting again Saturday, but I will survive. I am so excited about the following week-end that I'm not even thinking about eating now! When I start the baking, etc. though, that might be another story. I have menus planned for the whole week while the kids and grandkids are here and it always includes my favorites as well as their favorites. I have some really good dishes that I will share before Thanksgiving if time allows me to sit at the computer long enough...with so much going on.

Hope everyone has had a wonderful OP day. Hope I'll have a moment to slip away to the computer tomorrow. It may be late hours for me! LOL!