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Daily committment thread for 11-14-08

Good morning everyone! It sounds like yesterday was a good day for many of us and here is hoping that today is another good day.

I am going to get the family off to school, do the treadmill and head out the door. Mitch's nosepiece on his glasses fell off, I have a return for Wal-Mart and the van has to get its' oil change at 11a. So I want to get the running around done before the oil change. Then I head over to my mom's to clean her downstairs carpets and we will have lunch. Then home to get the kids off the bus and get homework done. Busy!

Sunday is our 17th wedding anniversary. We aren't celebrating in a big way - no $$ for that. That's okay. I got Scott a card and a small gift.

I hope you all have a great day. Carrie, I think you are doing a great job handling the school and Brady's teacher sounds like a monster. I would be so frustrated! Bless your heart.


Re: Daily committment thread for 11-14-08

Good morning. Today is another work day but from 11-5 then an hour drive home. I'll probably call Jim when I get close to home and have him meet me at our local diner for supper. It will be crowded since I think everyone in town goes out on Fri. night for fish fry. I'll have my fish broiled with a baked potato instead of fries.
Got to WW yesterday before work. I was down 2.8 so made up for the gain last week. If I can lose 1.5 this next week I'll hit 75pounds off.
Uki, happy anniversary. We will be 38 years in a couple weeks.
Hope everyone has a great weekend. Winter is supposed to hit here on Sunday and last all week with temps in the 30's. Great weekend to stay in the house and sew.


Re: Daily committment thread for 11-14-08

Good job on your weight loss Pat. Uki, Happy Anniversary Sunday, have a great time whatever you do.
I'm OP today and after I get ready I'm going to do some more Christmas shopping. It's rainy here today and I don't like shopping in the rain but guess I'm going to have to do it, Ugh. Have a great weekend everyone.

Re: Daily committment thread for 11-14-08

Sorry I haven't been posting much lately - it has been super busy around here - My little one has end of term exams this week and has his first swim meet tomorrow. I have been running around with this nasty upper respiratory thing for the past few days - can't seem to shake it - feeling a little better today.

My appetite has been weird while being sick - not in the mood for much of my regular food things - craving carbs - lots of 100 cal english muffins with tea. Exercise (other than some walks) has been really hard too - need to let myself recover before I exert myself too much - but it really makes me feel crummy not to exercise-who would have thought LOL

Anyhow, glad to see you all have been doing well. Happy Anniversary Uki - we just celebrated our 23rd.

What is everyone up to for Thanksgiving? We are heading down to Florida for some R&R - not sure what we will do for the Thanksgiving meal - just the 4 of us and my little one is vegetarian so I know I wont be making a big turkey - I would be happy with a picnic on the beach - which we might just do. Who's having a house full?


Re: Daily committment thread for 11-14-08

Oh my have I been busy. We're getting ready for my son's birthday party which is tomorrow and the garage has been transformed into a tomb...Indiana Jones theme. It looks really good. I'm heading out to the store after work to get the food. Found a good recipe online today for Swamp Juice (punch). I'll take lots of pics for anyone that wants to see to garage. Just give me your email. Or, if any of you are on myspace, you can link to me...I think my url is cdean34...anyway, I'm the Carrie in Avon, Indiana if you do a search. I'll have the pics posted on there early next week.

Somehow I got roped into hosting Thanksgiving this year. Not sure how that happened, LOL. Anyway, I'll be having another get together to plan for, but this time everyone will be pitching in so it won't all fall on my shoulders. I got elected due to having the "space" to host all the family. Hmm....Anyway, I'm looking forward to it.

Hope you all are having a great day. This week has been a struggle, but I'm just trying to watch portions and purchase healthier options.

Tonight I will be baking my son's birthday cake. I'm hoping I don't flop it. Usually, I do store bought cakes, but I'm trying to pinch pennies and this way, it's coming from the heart.

Have a good one.