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Daily committment thread for 11-16-08

Well, it is official. I have been married for 17 years. :) And I wouldn't trade those years for anything.

We actually celebrated on Friday and exchanged cards and gifts and then I made a cake yesterday. I nade white cake with white frosting so it would be like wedding cake. It was great!

Off to church this morning and an OP day.

How about you?

Re: Daily committment thread for 11-16-08

Happy Anniversary Uki and Scott. Not much going on today. Have to pick up supplies for the last week of clinics. Hope to get in to the sewing room. Have a pattern for shopping bags that fold up like a wallet. I'm going to make them for everyone and use as gift bags for Christmas which we will celebrate at T-giving. Have to make 6 of them.
Thinking of inviting friends over for supper tonight. May make a big batch of chilli and corn muffins. Have Core recipes for each. Today will be another OP day. This is the 2nd day in a row that my scale has said 199. That's the longest I've been under 200 for about 20 years. Onward and downward.
Have a great day


Re: Daily committment thread for 11-16-08

Congratulations Uki.
Patty thats wonderful. I still have 21 lbs to get to that point.

Last night went out for Japenese food. It was delicious. I had scallops . I saved my extra points . I did make chili yesteday so I will have that today.
Plan on making some other dishes and putting them away for the week. Going to try a new apple cider cupcake recipe.1 pt. I will let you know if they are good.
My daughter came home yesterday from college but is leaving this morning. It was so great to see her. We really miss her. She is about a 1 1/2 hours away but we don't see her much between school and she is working part time and oh her boyfried lives down there.
Well I hope everyone has a great day.

Re: Daily committment thread for 11-16-08

I'm OP today and off to church in a bit. I have my granddaughter again today which is always a delight. I'm going to attempt a cheesecake this afternoon and I'll post the recipe if it turns out good. It says only 2 pts. a piece, sounds too good to be true. We'll see how it tastes for 2 pts. Have a great day everyone.