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Daily committment thread for 11-18-08

Good morning! We sure got some snow yesterday. I have the news on to see if there is school. The roads look okay, so I think it is open, but I will keep an eye on the tv for a little longer.

It sounds lile Laura and Diane had a wonderful weekend with their grandchildren. My mom says she LOVES being a grandmother! I hope to experience that, but not anyime soon! LOL Diane, you had wonderful words of wisdom about finding a balance with eating. You are soooooo right - it is great to enjoy some tastes of things and that a few bites ISN'T what gets you into trouble. It is all the ones that follow and that mentality of opening the barn door once you eat 1 bite of something not on your plan.

Carrie, we can't wait to see those Pics. Don't worry about the eating over the weekend. Those 2 days will not undo all you have accomplished. You made a commitment to get back OP yesterday and you will be fine. How did yesterday go for you?

Shezz, what's the plan for today? You are so organized about your eating. That is so great!

A big welcome to Angie! She's back and we are so glad to have her. Angie, fill us in on how you are doing. We sure missed you.

Maaj, are you out there? I am hoping you had a good day yesterday. You are the poster gal for exercise right now. :)

I have errands to run this morning, provided the kids are in school. I need to get our Thanksgiving basket and pay some bills. First, I will get the guys off to school and ride the trainer though.


Re: Daily committment thread for 11-18-08

Good morning everyone.
Not feeling well at all but have to go to work .We are just so busy.
Thank goodness I cooked over the weekend and have some dinners in the fridge.
Uki the only way I can stay OP is planning ahead. Last night was a perfect example. I was so tired and stressed that normally I would say to DH lets go out to eat. Luckily I had meals in the fridge to microwave.
Got to run I am moving slowly this morning and need to get ready for work. I hope everyone has a good day.

Re: Daily committment thread for 11-18-08

Good morning. Sheez hope you feel better soon. You are right about planning. I find when I take the time to plan meals for the week that life is much easier. Also it is cheaper since I can plan for leftovers.
Another flu shot clinic today. We're getting down to the wire and I'm ready to be done.
I have to get some sewing done this weekend for gifts for next week.
We got snow yesterday and today also. I remember waiting for school closings. We are always at the end of the list and our school almost never closed but Jeremy never gave up hope.
I will actually get to go to WW this week at my normal meeting. I should get my 75 pound this week if I don't blow it in the next 2 days. That will be good to keep me in line while we're gone.
Have a great day everyone


Re: Daily committment thread for 11-18-08

Thank you for the well wishes. I have really bad sinus problems and need to get surgery but just can't find the time. I am going to have to just bite the bullet and do it in the spring.
Patty, good luck at your meeting.
BTW I had made Aimee's recipe for ranch chicken potatoes in the crockpot and DH loved it. I only had a tiny bit but it was really good. Also made mashed cauliflower with the laughing cow cheese. I was hoping to make the HG pumpkin pie but I think I will need to wait until I am feeling better and can really enjoy it.
Hope everyone has a good night

Re: Daily committment thread for 11-18-08

Better late than never. I've been OP today and just realized I didn't post. Hope everyone had a great day. It sure is cold and snowy here in Michigan.

Re: Daily committment thread for 11-18-08

Laura, I'm even later. I was in a rush doing something when I posted the recipe earlier and am just now getting back to the computer before I go to bed. I don't like being up so late.

I am house cleaning after having the grandkids here. Don't know why 'cause it'll just be messed up again starting Saturday night! LOL! That's when the other grands will get here with their Mom and Dad for the week. Everyone (16) will be here Sunday for lunch, probably, and definitely for Thanksgiving dinner.

We will also have gift exchange for the grandkids while they are here, so I have been decorating more for Christmas. It's such fun because I haven't done much the last two or three years. The grandkids that now live in Florida only got to come home for Christmas once while they were living in Alaska.

Well, I didn't mean to start rambling about all that. I have had a great OP day today. It was good to have my meals on time and not have to worry about being anywhere! Tomorrow will be a different story! I have and appointment at 11:00, then will do more grocery shopping afterwards. Such is my life!

It's also passed my bedtime, so I shall say 'GOODNIGHT'.