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Foods for 11-19-08

I am hoping Angie will pop back in to post on "her" thread today. Shout out to Angie! :)

B: Nutrigrain waffles and PB2

L: Wheat pancakes

D: Whopper junior, no mayo and lots of lettuce and tomato, small onion rings, diet coke

treat: cookie dough sundae and toppings

Re: Foods for 11-19-08

Oops. Put my food list in the other post.
Who knows by the time I get home from work it might change.lol.OP of course.lol

Re: Foods for 11-19-08

B-Oatmeal with Fiber 1 and flaxseed and banana
L- quinoia salad (it's almost gone I made a huge bowl)
S- Sirloin steak with mushrooms and onions, salad

Re: Foods for 11-19-08

Hi everyone!!!
Uki how many points is a junior whopper with no mayo?? Do you get any condiments on it- i LOVE these!!!
Breakfast- Coffee- OPPS!! I have been eating breakfast, just didn't have time today
Lunch- Baked jalapino poppers
Dinner- homeade beef-wellington- half
Going to have a scoop of light ice-cream
having hot cider now!!!! Thanks for the shout out!!!