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Re: Daily committment thread for 11-19-08

Another busy day with haircut appointment, then WalMart run. Slowly but surely I am getting stocked with all I need for the next 10 days or so with all the kids coming. I am so excited! Too excited to eat and that's not good. I was out early this a.m., had a b'fast bar with me, but was so busy I never ate it and it was after 3:00 before I made it back home for b'fast/lunch and early dinner! I ate OP, though, and have 6 pts left to get in the rest of my milk and I will do two fruits or something. I wasn't starving when I got home, I was just running on adrenaline all day! That could easily get me in trouble if I hadn't had something to grab that was OP as soon as I got home, though. I don't want to do that again and push my luck.

Hey, gas down here was 1.74 today. I fill up at Kroger with points there for 3 - 10 cents off, so I'm usually filling up at the least amount. The other day I filled my tank for $34.00 and I thought I was in heaven! Hope it stays down for a WHILE!!!

Patty, congrats on the #75. That is AWESOME, AWESOME!
You are a true winner. Don't you just love this way to lose and learn the life style changes?!?!

Sorry so many of you other girls are sick. I was afraid I was getting sick Monday, but must be allergies from playing in the leaves with the kids over the week-end. The cold weather change has also affected me a little, but no complaints! Hope all of you are well by Thanksgiving so you can thoroughly enjoy being with family if that's your plan. I, too, am already telling myself that it's about the family gathering and not about the food.

Hope you have had a great OP day and planning for another tomorrow as well!