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recipe needed please- (with pumpkin)

My kids volunteered me to serve and make a Turkey , Corn and a pumpkin dessert for their thanksgiving feast at school tommorrow- I have several pumpkin muffin, bread recipes but i need something kids will gobble for dessert with pumpkin i am getting up early and making it-- anyone have any suggestions... Thanks

Re: recipe needed please- (with pumpkin)

Angie, my brain isn't working to well this late at night. My first thought is that kids don't like pumpkin stuff that much. One of my grandchildren loves a pumpkin roll with the cream cheese inside. That's a lot of effort early in the a.m. to do, though. If it were me and this late putting something together, I would go with making mini pumpkin muffins and add white icing (or color it orange) or take a can of Redi-Whip and put a dollop on top at the school. That way if the child didn't like it, they would only waste a small amount. Just my late-night idea! Hope you're not stressing over this sudden request from your children.

Re: recipe needed please- (with pumpkin)

Angie, you know you can make a WW cake/cupcake using a boxed cake mix (yellow or spice) with one can of pumpkin, nothing else....no eggs, oil, etc. That way you can eat some, too, without guilt.

You can also go on all recipes.com and find things. Look at Kraft.com, Eagle Brand.com, Betty crocker.com, and any of the good brand name places have recipes for each season and every ocassion.

Good Luck....