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FOOD for 11/20?08

I couldn't find the food post, so thought I would get one on here. Hope I did it right!

B'fast - Oatmeal with cooked apple

Lunch - Veggie Omelet with Salsa

Dinner - Individual Biscuit topped Turkey Pot Pie
Maybe a salad with it

Snack - Yogurt
Apple with PB2

Re: FOOD for 11/20?08

B- Oatmeal with banana and flax seed
L- quinoia salad, mixed berries with plain yogurt
S- taco salad

Re: FOOD for 11/20?08

Good thing I didn't post because my menu changed.
B-egg on sandwich thin with 1 pt slice cheese
L-salad with yogurt dressing
D-Outback 6 oz. filet and baked potato. Had sour cream didn't resist it. Had them do my salad to go so I have lunch for tomorrow.

Re: FOOD for 11/20?08

B: skipped because of early lunch with my mom

L: Subway 6 inch turkey on wheat, lots of veggies and vinegar, no oil, baked lays, diet coke

D: creamed ham and veggies over biscuits

treat: WW ice cream cup and toppings