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I really wana make yams for dinner but don't know how- does anyone have good recipes for this....THANKS

Re: yams???

I like mine baked. All I do is wash them very well, wrap them in saran wrap and microwave them until they are mushy. I spray them with ICBINB spray and eat them. :)

Re: yams???

Angie it depends if you want to make them healthy or not. Used to love the way my MIL made them. Peel and 1/4 dampen each piece and roll in a mixture of flour and brown sugar fry in skillet with butter. They are great but don't think I'll every have them again. If the rest of the family isn't watching their intake so closely you could make something like this and bake a sweet potato for yourself. I'm planning on doing that when I go to my sister's. I'll throw it in the micro and enjoy my treat while everyone else is eating all those calories.


Re: yams???

I prefer the canned ones. In the past, I just drain them and put in slow cooker and add white and brown sugar over them (about 1/4. c. of each kind). I also add a little bit of butter. I just always seen my mom do that, I don't use a whole lot. Pour some maple syrup over them and add some small marshmellows on top and let them melt. I add those maybe half an hour before we sit down.

Now, to cut some of those calories/sugar...you could substitute splenda for the sugar...they make brown sugar splenda now as well as the white. Use butter spray or brummel n brown (something light, whatever you prefer) and use light syprup or sugar free. Personally, I use the light...I'm just used to it.

Hope that helps.