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Daily committment thread for 11-20-08

Hello ladies! Well, no snow day again... The kids are bummed. Actually so am I. The weather forecast was so dismal that I thought for sure it was coming and I kind of planned it out in my mind. I had this cool day planned for all of us. Oh well, we will do it all tomorrow.

Pat, the weather is supposed to be more mild by next week, so you should be okay. They are calling for temps in the upper 30's and rain instead of snow. It isn't great weather, but it isn't all the snow that they have been forecasting.

Well, since I got all that stuff done with my mom yesterday I will get to just stay home today. Fine by me.

Parent teacher conferences went really well (insert shameless brag here). Anna's teachers said she is a gem and they wish they had a class full of her. Mitch's teacher said he is a cutie and all my worries about his reading are totally unfounded. He is reading at the level of an end of the year first grader already. What a relief!! Wes' teachers didn't mention ANY behavior problems and he has all A's and one B that should come up before next report card. I am blessed.

I am OP today. How about you?

Re: Daily committment thread for 11-20-08

Uki, we got all the snow you thought you were going to get. Over a foot fell last night and it's still coming down. No school today but that doesn't affect me anymore, both my boys are grown. I'm staying home, nice and cozy. I'm OP today but in the past this would be a day I would bake homemade choc. chip cookies or something yummy and not OP. Stay warm everyone, have a great day.

Re: Daily committment thread for 11-20-08

Good morning. Just listening to the weatherman predicting over a foot of snow by tomorrow morning. I want to go to a big craft show tomorrow but guess it will depend on the roads. Today I go to the chiropractor and then turn in all my flu shot stuff. I'm done for another year. I probably gave over 1000 shots this year. Our company does over 50,000 every year. It's still not too late if you haven't gotten your shot.
I've started making tote bags that I'm using for gift bags this year. Got the 3 little ones made for the kids. My sister wants me to make apple pies for T-giving so I bought the apples yesterday. Being from apple country I guess I'm a snob and think that I won't be able to get good apples at my Mom's in Indiana.
I"m going to be OP today. Not sure what I'm cooking yet but I'll dig in the freezer and come up with something.
Hope you all have a good day


Re: Daily committment thread for 11-20-08

Morning everyone. I've been hit n miss this week on the board. I've been really sick with sore throat/sinus junk and my little one spiked a temp the other day at daycare and after I took him to dr., found out he has an ear infection. Ugh!

It's supposed to snow here this weekend. I'm not ready for snow, it's too early, LOL.

On the food front, I've been OK. Haven't ate the most healthiest of things, but I've stayed w/in my points. Yesterday, I didn't even want food after 3pm b/c I can't taste anything anyway. Got on the scales today just to see how I was doing...holding, so that's good.
I'm hoping to feel better by tomorrow. I know I need those fruits/veggies but I just don't feel like putting forth the effort today.

Hope you all are healthy and warm. Sure is cold out today. I think it's safe to say I'll be OP today.