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dessert recipes

I found a few recipe ideas on the WW website. Of course they don't post the pts. so you'll have to figure that out. I did tried the Oreo Mousse and it was very good, DH liked it a lot.

Oreo Mousse
6 servings (I figured it at 1/2 cup ea.)
1 sm. pkg sf/ff instant pudding choc. or white choc.
1- 12 oz. ff cool whip
4 red. fat oreos (crushed)I broke them up.
Pour the pudding (powder) in the cool whip and mix well. stir in the crushed cookies. They say to freeze it but I just put it in the fridge.

Snickers Pie
Serves 8
1 pt. vanilla yogurt (ff/sf frozen)
2 Tbs. chunky peanut butter
1/2 large pkg choc. ff/sf instant pudding mix.
1/2 cup cool whip lite
1 tsp. choc. syrup
Soften yogurt in microwave until creamy. Add peanut butter, pudding mix powder, and cool whip to yogurt, stir until well mixed. Pour into 8" pie pan. Drizzle 1 tsp of choc. syrup over pie. Freeze until firm.
Variation: Crumble 2 choc. graham crackers and sprinkle bottom of pie pan before pouring the ice cream mixture on top.

Butterfinger Delight
serves 12
9 choc. graham cracker sheets
16 oz. ff cool whip
1 butterfinger
1/4 cup light choc. syrup
1/4 cup ff caramel syrup
Layer: Lay 7 graham cracker sheets on bottom of 9x13
pan. Mix together cool whip with the butterfinger, finely crushed and 1 graham cracker sheet, finely crushed. Pour and spread cool whip mixture over the crackers. Crush the last graham cracker sheet and sprinkle over cool whip. Drizzle the syrups. Freeze and enjoy.

Chips Ahoy Dessert
Makes 9 servings
1/2 cup ff milk
18 reduced fat Chips Ahoy cookies
2 cups ff milk
1- 8 oz. ff cool whip
1 sm. box choc. ff/sf pudding mix
Pour 1/2 cup of the milk in a shallow bowl. Dip 9 of the cookies in the milk very briefly and line an 8x8 dish. Take 1/2 the cool whip and spread over cookies. Mix the choc. pudding with 2 cups ff milk. Layer over top of cool whip. Dip next 9 cookies in the milk and lay on top of pudding. Top with remaining cool whip. Refrigerate 2 hr.

That's it, enjoy and remember you have to do some figuring for the pts. and you might even want to change the serving amt.


Re: dessert recipes

Thank you for posting these, Laura! I am adding teh oreo mousse and the chips ahoy dessert to my list of things to try. I made a snickers pie off that site one time that called for chocolate frozen yogurt, cool whip and grape nuts. It was quite good.

Re: dessert recipes

Laura, thanks for sharing the recipes. I am a recipe "junky" and am always looking for something I haven't seen or tried. It always keeps me on program knowing that I can make something in a healthy version for everyone....not just me!