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Weigh-in Saturday Morning

Finally was able to get to my regular Saturday WW meeting this a.m. to weigh-in and get my inspration for the holiday! I had missed the last two weeks because of the kids bike wreck, grandkids, and all.
I had lost 5 pounds!!!! That is really giving me the confidence I needed to go in to this week with all the kids being here. Hopefully, it will be enough to carry me through, knowing I can eat and maintain my weight, at least, or even lose since I will be in control of my own kitchen!

That puts me at 160.5 pounds....getting closer to goal. YEAH!!

Hope your week has been good, too.

Re: Weigh-in Saturday Morning

Congratulations Diane. You know now that you have the program ingrained in you. Nothing can stop you now. Enjoy the family and make wise decisions and you will be fine


Re: Weigh-in Saturday Morning

That is great news!!! You have worked hard, and it is paying off. Yahoo!

Re: Weigh-in Saturday Morning

Wonderful news. Congratulation!!!!