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diabetic recipes

Hi all, if anyone has type 11 diabetis and has recipes, let me know. just found out in june and its been super hard, but i have managed to lose 30 pounds

Re: diabetic recipes

Sandy, have you Googled diabetic recipes? I have three sisters who are diabetic and I'm always looking for things I know they can have. There are websites for everything under the sun. It just takes a little searching. Good luck!

Re: diabetic recipes

Look in your library for cookbooks by Joanna Lund of Healthy Exchanges. All her recipes have nutrition and diabetic exchanges. She has written over 30 cookbooks.


Re: diabetic recipes

Sandy, Diabetics don't really need "special" recipes. You need to know how many carbs you can have for the day. I've had great success on Core plan of Weigh Watchers. I was Type 2 and came off my medicine in June after losing about 50 pounds. Of course you don't want to eat really sugary desserts. Has your Dr. sent you to see a dietitian? It probably would be a good thing to do. Most of them really like the Weight watchers plans.