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Daily Committment Thread - Sun. 11/23/08

So glad to be able to come here and post of being OP after a bad relapse the last few weeks...and just returned yesterday. Yay, posting here of being OP for 2nd. day in a row...Whew! Hope the rest of you are having a happy and healthy Sunday. Maaj

Re: Daily Committment Thread - Sun. 11/23/08

Maaj, so glad to see you posting even when the rest of us haven't posted today. I've been OP today but have been hungry, well not really hungry just feel like I want to eat. Keep telling myself that I've had enough to eat that I'm not hungry I shouldn't eat. I've been watching the Buffalo Bills football game and guess I just need something to eat when I watch them.
I've got a good supper planned- pork chops, baked sweet potato, white asparagus (I've never had the white kind) and chocolate pudding. Trying to stay OP this week so maybe I can have a small treat on T-giving.
Stay strong and keep posting


Re: Daily Committment Thread - Sun. 11/23/08

hey all, I was surfing the web and found your message board and thought I would poat a message and say hello and wish everyone a healthy holiday season.

I myself struggle with weightloss and work a message board and know first hand that groups like this are very supportive and motivational.
best wishes to all
Hawgdaddy 2008 :O)

Re: Daily Committment Thread - Sun. 11/23/08

I'm late posting but I've been OP today. I haven't lost much at all this week as of today, we'll see when I weigh in tomorrow.

Re: Daily Committment Thread - Sun. 11/23/08

Call me a slacker again! LOL Here I am checking in at the end of the day. I was OP all day and did fine, just busy again.

I hope everyone had a great weekend and I will catch up tomorrow.