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Daily commitment thread for 11-24-08

Finally I am up to start the thread! LOL

I hope everyone had a good weekend. Post and let us know what you were up to.

Saturday we had a family day and ran around to various stores and flea markets. No major purchases at all, but it was fun to look.

Sunday we had church in the morning and then the kids went to my mom's to do a surprise Christmas craft for me and Scott. Scott and I chilled out here at home, then the kids had youth group that night and I finished organizing the Thanksgiving baskets our church is passing out to needy families. The pastor dropped off 2 turkeys last night, and will drop off 2 more tonight. Then Tuesday morning I deliver 3 baskets and will stop at the store to pick up the last perishable items to put in the baskets. One basket is being picked up this morning and it is almost ready to go. She will come around 10a, so I still have a little time. The kids made the cutest handmade cards to put in each basket. I hope this makes the holidays a little easier for these families.

So today I do baskets, chores, and exercise. I ate 2 hostess cupcakes last night after being OP all day. Just wanted cupcakes, I guess. No biggie - that is what extra points are for. It hit the spot and I didn't eat the whole box. LOL

What are you up to?

Re: Daily commitment thread for 11-24-08

Good morning. Today is final gift wrapping and packing for our trip. We leave early tomorrow morning. I got all the cloth shopping bags, that I'm using for gift bags, made and most of them filled. Just have a couple more packages to wrap. Sounds like we may be driving in rain most of the way. Just hope it doesn't start freezing. It will be so nice to have our whole family together. That is assuming our son gets away from work and gets in from Maryland. Since he owns his own business there is no one else to fix computers if he is needed.
Have been thinking about what food to pack in the car. The trip to my mom's is about 9 hours. I like to keep healthy snacks available. It seems we want to snack more when we are driving. I'm taking oranges (peeled and sectioned), making some point friendly muffins for me and choc. chip muffins for Jim. May boil some eggs. Think I'll pop a big bag of popcorn. That should get us through. We'll stop for lunch along the way.
I'm determined to get that 0.1 pound off for the next weigh in.
Have a Happy Thanksgiving everyone. Just remember it is Thanksgiving DAY not Thanksgiving WEEKEND. Enjoy those special foods on Thursday and then give them away.


Re: Daily commitment thread for 11-24-08

Good morning Pat, Uki, and everyone. Day three begins for me of being able to post OP after a bad relapse. Thanks so much for all the positive words and encouragement I find here. Uki, don't worry if you don't always make it early enough to start this daily posting thread...you do such a wonderful job watching out for everyone, that I hope you know how much you are appreciated. Sounds like you are having some busy but joyful days. Patty, have a good trip. Sounds like you have the snacking issues well planned for and I appreciate the words of advice about 'Thanksgiving DAY' and not Thanksgiving weekend. I needed to hear that since I am so newly coping with being back OP after a relapse. It's hard to figure out how to enjoy all the Thanksgiving dinner goodies and still not go back to the destructive habits I am trying to get away from. The reminder about DAY instead of weekend really helped put things in perspective. Hope it's a joyful week for all, Maajida

Re: Daily commitment thread for 11-24-08

Hi all, I'm OP and just weighed in. I only lost .7 lbs. Nothing like the previous 3 wks. but not a gain. I'm getting ready to give my MIL a perm and cut, then just hanging around the house most of the day. We're supposed to get more snow today and tonight, I'm loving it. Have a great day everyone.