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Daily menu for 11-24-08

I don't know if anyone wanted this or not, but feel free to post if you want to.

B: Nutrigrain waffles and PB2

L: Haven't a clue! Blech!

D: salisbury steak, mashed taters, veggies

treat: ww ice cream cup and toppings


Re: Daily menu for 11-24-08

B- oatmeal with apple and flaxseed
L- 2 Bocca burgers on Arnold Sandwich thin, plain yogurt with frozen berries
S- Took leftover soup out of the freezer. I'm having spinach with ground beef and Jim is having Mexican chicken stew. Probably make corn muffins and have ice cream for dessert.

I'm making pumpkin/oatmeal muffins (Core) for me in the car tomorrow. Making choc. chip nut muffins for Jim.

Re: Daily menu for 11-24-08

Haven't checked in for a few days. Really under the weather. Saturday was not a good OP day went to a 50th party and they had really good southern food. Mac and cheese,ribs etc. I tried not to eat to much but also had 3 glasses of wine. I really think I blew it.
Today is better
B-didn't feel like eating
L-Chicken on a wheat wrap
D-chicken stir fry

Re: Daily menu for 11-24-08

hi everyone
i had chinease for lunch-= 3 crab rangoon and 1/2 cup fried rice- YIKES OPPS
no breakfast
supper steak soup
kind of a bad day