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Daily Commitment thread for 11-26-08

I guess I'm starting this out this morning, that's unusual. I'm OP today and waiting for my DS and DIL to come into town this afternoon. I haven't seen them in weeks so I'm excited. Have a great day everyone.

Re: Daily Commitment thread for 11-26-08

Good morning everyone. Hope you all are doing well. I'm gearing up for my entire family to come to my house tomorrow. We are all pitching in. Since I'm not preparing everything, it will be hard to calculate points so I've just decided...FREE DAY. That doesn't mean gorge until I puke...just eat sensibly and get back on track Friday.

Speaking of Friday...I will be out with the mobs on Black Friday doing my part to stimulate the economy, hehe. Going after some deals that can't be passed up. I look forward to this every year. I even get up early and go out even if there's nothing in particular I'm going after....it's just fun.

Have a wonderful holiday everyone. I'm thankful for this site and for the online friendships of you all.


Re: Daily Commitment thread for 11-26-08

Good morning! I am a little under the weather today. My stomach feels yucky. I got a little time on the treadmill and then I just felt so bad, I stopped. I think I will lay down. I don't want tomorrow ruined over this.

Have a wonderful holiday!

Re: Daily Commitment thread for 11-26-08

oh dear, Uki, hope you feel better. I'm just checking in re being OP ... day 5 of food sobriety after relapse...doing ok...planning to splurge a bit for just the one Thanksgiving dinner meal and to be OP before and immediately after. Hope everyone has a great day tomorrow...Maajida