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Happy Thanksgiving

I want to wish everyone a Happy Thanksgiving. and I give many thanks to this site for helping me 2 yrs ago get to goal...

A special thanks to Aimee and her Mother Patty,
and a lot of the oldies that aren't here anymore,
Akus also, although we're still in touch..

I'm now holding 10 solid pounds under goal, and off flex and on to core for the last few months.

As WW is changing their whole program the week of
Dec 7th, Flex will no longer be, thats the rumor thats going around...

Again Have a great OP day..

Re: Happy Thanksgiving

Happy Thanksgiving Tobe and everyone. I also am thankful for everyone on this site. I look forward daily to checking in and reading about all of you. Thanks for being there. I hadn't heard of WW changing, I still will stay on the flex program because that works for me. I will check out the other one though.

Re: Happy Thanksgiving

Hello Tobe, happy holidays to you, and how nice to see you posting around here...you've been missed. Maajida

Re: Happy Thanksgiving

I'm with you Tobie. I'm still 10 1bs under my ww goal for a year and I promiced myself this time like you its FOREVER. I'm very happy with my food choices and I indulge but I earn activity points and it balances out. My new focus is the gym and I go 5 times a week to spin. My body maybe bikini ready on day..lol. Who knew I could do this..if I can anyone can. You just have to believe you can and baby steps gets you there.
This site was my rock in my losing phase and thankyou everyone who was there for me.