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Daily Commitment thread for 11-28-08

Thanksgiving is over for another year. I did pretty good staying OP yesterday, and hopefully it'll be the same today. I had made a dessert that I took to my moms, that was not OP and was delicious. I only had one small piece. It's called Quick Chick Toffee Fix, oh so yummy. I'm sure it could be cut down in pts. a little but not much. I sent all of it home with others so there would be no more for me to eat.

I would love to go shopping today but just don't want to face the crowds and traffic. How many of you went out today, Black Friday? Have a great day everyone.


Re: Daily Commitment thread for 11-28-08

Well a little late checking in but yesterday was a good day OP.
Did a little shopping today but not too early. At 9 the stores were so crowded. They didnt have what I was looking for so decided to go home and do a bit of shopping online.
I think everyone else was out at 4 a.m. lol