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OP for 11/30/08

Good morning everyone. Well, I've been bad and it showed on the scales. I have to make it stop right now! Yesterday, I restocked my fridge with healthy stuff and gave away a pie that someone left here on Thanksgiving.

With that said, I'm heading in the kitchen to grab a protein bar.

Hope everyone is doing well. We had our first snow this morning; it looks so pretty.

Have a good one.

Re: OP for 11/30/08

I'm happy to be back on here and to be OP for the day. The holiday was a struggle with all the children together for the whole week. We always try to fix everyone's favorites, etc and you know how that can go.

Anyway, Carrie, I'm with you....restock the fridge with the good stuff that I have really missed. I stopped by after church at WalMart to get more yogurt, some of my 1 pt buns, shrimp, and some things that everyone else doesn't use. Now if my husband will just keep eating these desserts that are still on hand, I will be fine! LOL! I have some triffle left that is WW, so I'm not deprived!

My kids didn't leave yesterday in time for me to make it to my WW meeting. Since I am lifetime, though, I won't have to pay for the missed meeting, so I will just wait and go next Saturday. Maybe, I will be okay by them! LOL!

Thanksfiving is over! It was WONDERFUL! We have one more BIG HURDLE (lasting all month and into New Year's) to handle, then we should be doing GOOD! I am still targeting for my goal after the first of the year and I am really exicted about getting closer and closer.

Hope all of you are having a great OP day and not still having to battle the demons of food-a-plenty!
Hang in there! We can all succeed if we stick together!

Re: OP for 11/30/08

I'm OP today, my son, his wife and a friend from college just left. It's nice to have them here but then it's nice to get back to normal when they leave. On the food front I did well. My mom only sent home with us, some turkey, veg dish and sweet potato casserole (for my hubby), it was gone in two days since we had company. I think I did real good losing weight this wk. I'll check in tomorrow, cross my fingers.