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Daily Commitment thread for 12-1-08

I'm OP today. I'm going Christmas shopping with my mom, then to lunch and to her doctor's appt. Hope everyone has a great day.


Re: Daily Commitment thread for 12-1-08

Good morning everyone.

Uki, where are you? Did you leave town and I missed reading that thread or something?? Anyway, I miss your cheerful posts to each of us!!

I stayed OP yesterday and surprisingly didn't have a crashing headache from having a day of no sugar so that was good; I was worried since I kind of went "haywire" this last couple weeks.

What a busy weekend. I did go out Friday and got lots of shopping done. My kiddos are done. Got some great door buster deals. I was one of the crazy people out at 4am in the mobs...I LOVE IT! My family thinks I'm crazy, but I have a blast!

Today, it's snowing a little. I need to get laundry done, but I have a little situation I need to take care of first. One of my SS kids is in desperate need of shoes and clothes and I just found out she's been told she doesn't get Christmas this year (she's oldest of 5); that it's for little kids. She's only 11!!! I just bought her a coat yesterday as she didn't have one, she was only wearing a thin sweater. So, I'm broke, but somehow I'm gonna get her some things that she needs, like shoes and socks for starters...poor kid didn't have anything on her feet yesterday and it was cold! Since I have no girls to spoil (most of you know I have 2 rotten boys), I'm gonna somehow spoil this little girl. She's a sweet heart, so I don't mind!

Re: Daily Commitment thread for 12-1-08

Laura, sounds like you have a busy day ahead. Those are my best for being OP!

Carrie, I know what you mean about spending when you're broke...especially when it's for children who have nothing! There are so many out there in that situation. God always provides us the means to do what our hearts desire when it comes to taking care of His children! Enough said!

I plan to be OP today. Just busy doing stuff. We got great family pictures Thanksgiving Day. I've had all of them developed and must run to WalMart to pick them up, then I will decide which to use in our Christmas card this year. I have already gotten my cards out and ready to address, so that will be one chore on my list! As long as I can keep my hands busy I'll be doing good!

Hope everyone has a great day.

Yes, Uki, I miss you, too! And the rest of you!

Re: Daily Commitment thread for 12-1-08

Hi there!! I am here - things were just busy, busy, busy and now they are starting to return to normal.

I am OP and had a good holiday. I did not overindulge, but I did use extra points for sweet potato casserole, a REAL crescent roll with REAL butter, and a piece of punkie pie. LOL Mmmmmmmmm

I am preparing to tackle Christmas. We got hit REALLY hard financially this year, so it is going to be WAY sparse, but I will see what I can find at Goodwill and such. I have time, thank goodness!

Off to take Anna to the doctor for pinkeye. Sigh and blech!

Re: Daily Commitment thread for 12-1-08

It's great to see everyone back after Thanksgiving. I weighed in and lost 7.8 lbs. this past week, I couldn't believe it. I'm feeling a lot better but have a long way to go. I just keep telling myself one day at a time, and make mini goals so I'm not overwhelmed with how much I have to lose.

Re: Daily Commitment thread for 12-1-08

I'm back home. It is great to spend time with family but it is so good to get home and back to my routine. I did pretty good at my sister's for T-giving. I made a few mashed potatos with skim milk just for me. Cooked a few frozen veggies for me before she poured cheese over the rest. I made 2 apple pies but kept out a few apples that I added splenda to. Then went to my in-laws. Everything is so confused with Dad in the nursing home and visiting him that we didn't do much planning on meals. Had ham and more ham. I did buy some skim milk and had my shredded wheat for breakfast. I'm not sure I want to get on the scale tomorrow after all the ham and sitting in the car for 8 hours today. I'm sure I'm retaining fluid. I never seem to drink enough water when I'm away from home. I only needed to lose 0.1 pound by Thurs. to reach 75 pounds lost but I'm afraid I'll have a gain. Tomorrow is back to the gym. From what I've read of the back posts it seems like everyone is doing great.