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Finally wakening up and realizing the truth

Hi I found this great site and I thought I would just add a few of my thoughts this morning.
As I was headed to bed I got on the schedules and about had a heart attack. I always tried to lose weight the easy way weight loss pills guess what they work for a while and yes it is true you do gain the weight back and even more. I wanted to easy way out and it doesnt work. After getting on the scales I realized all the power I needed was within me and I had to want to lose this weight. I have gained almost 45 pounds since 2002. This amount of weight may not seem like much to many but my body screams with pain in my joints and well all over.
I have made up my mind and with the help of God I intend to do just that. Looking forward to anyone who is in the same boat but looking forward to each day every pound that is shed and truly being health.

Re: Finally wakening up and realizing the truth

Michelle, you can do it! I thought about having surgery to get rid of my weight and probably would have if my insurance didn't require an 18 mon. wait period under a drs care first to try and lose the weight. I realized that in 18 months time, I could just "do it myself" and reteach myself how to eat.

You can do it too. Don't think of how much you have to lose; just make small goals and when you meet that, make another...and another and so on until your "ultimate" goal is reached.

We're all in this together. Some of us have better days than others, but we're always here to support each other!

Re: Finally wakening up and realizing the truth

Michelle, welcome to this "little family" of losers! LOL! I, too was in the same boat as you....tried the diet pills back in the 90's, lost a little weight, messed up my blood pressure, and then gained all the weight back. I had become a WW lifetime member in 1974, but never was able to keep the weight off successfuly. I was at goal, maybe, three different times. I had learned all the basic "rules" of good eating, etc, but never applied them. I am an emotional eater and have had a lot to deal with over the years with death of parents, illness and near death of my son, bankruptcy, on and on.....

Finally, this year, two days before my 59th birthday, I decided I was going to get in better physical and mental shape before my 60th birthday, so I went to WW on the Saturday after my birthday and have only missed a few meeting since then when I was out of town or had grandkids, etc. Anyway, slow and steady is winning the race. I may not make it to goal by January 15, but I am closer than I've been in a long time. The weight has come off slowly which is the best way since I have learned to eat properly along the way. It has been a great ride which I intend to continue.

This site has been so helpful to me since I found it during the summer. Hang in here with us! It's great support. Everyone answers question, shares recipes, and just life in general of how we're doing every day. It's great!


Re: Finally wakening up and realizing the truth

Welcome, Michelle!! You are doing the right thing by getting started and taking it a day at a time. Feel free to ask questions and share ideas. We are all in the same boat as far as weight loss. Carrie is right about good days and bad days and this board has helped so many of us. We are glad you found us and let us know how we can help you. :)