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Thanks to all that wrote me.

Thanks for those of you who responded and I want to say I am sorry for the stupid mistakes in my text. Oh my word I mean`t scales not schedule. I guess I was thinking of my schedule when I was in the process of typing scales. Anyway I am not as stupid as my blog sounded I tend to get side tracked with business and write down what comes to mind and when I read it back to myself some how I see scale and not schedule why I do that I have no idea. Anyway I loved comments left lets me know I am not in this alone and I truly can do it. I read something Amy wrote and it started out with hi I am just a pound but people see me as 5 or 10. I guess you could say I was so in to getting off all the pounds and failing each time I forgot it is a pound at a time it is much easier to look at it that way to. Instead of looking at the entire jounrey I am looking at the present day not back at my mistakes and not tomorrow because all I have is today. It has only been one day but so far so good. I went over my points a bit but instead of totally getting off course I said to myself you can get those points back by working out harder instead of the old mind frame who would have said oh well I screwed up I will start again tomorrow and totally ate everything in site. Instead I just got back on my road to recovery.
Well I hope I have not bored anyone but it does help to write and share your thoughts. Have a wonderful Tuesday everyone and YES WE CAN DO IT AND WILL.

Re: Thanks to all that wrote me.

Michelle, you are one smart lady! I agree that the 1 pound/1 day mentality is a good one. I have even taken to to just 1 meal at a time. I used to really suffer from that thinking of either being 100% on plan or 100% off plan. There was no middle ground for me. That set me up for failure because I started to see WW as a diet not a lifestyle. Once I let go of that and allowed myself some breathing room, things got much better. I can splurge now on one meal, and then get right back on track. In the past, one splurge made me throw open the barn doors for the rest of the day and have a foodfest. I am glad you found us, and please feel free to post anytime. We are glad you are here. :)

Re: Thanks to all that wrote me.

Michelle, just wanted to welcome you to our little area of the web. I'm just catching up on messages since I was gone for a week. Sounds like you have the right attitude.


Re: Thanks to all that wrote me.

Michelle, you can see we're all alike! Uki, you said my exact thoughts about the change in lifestyle. Before, I was either totally on or totally off program. Until I decided that I could allow myself to eat in a real world without the word DIET and still stay on program, I was getting nowhere.

We can all make changes and still enjoy life as we are on this journey of weight loss. I have learned so many things this year and knowing that I don't have to be deprived is wonderful. I splurge on a meal occasionally and it isn't fatal! Keeping our mindset on our health and future are what really counts! The pounds will come off! Mine has been slow, but the efforts have been worth every minute of it!

One day at a time will get you there, so hang in there with all the rest of us, Michelle. We are all seeking the same goal!!