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daily commitment thread 12-2-08

Hiya!! I am up and at 'em. LOL

Well, Anna has pinkeye, but I got the eye drops and even by last night, her eyes looked better. She can go to school since she has been on the drops for 24 hours.

I got a lot of running around done yesterday and today I take my mom to the store and pickup our Angel Food order. That really helps to stretch the food budget around here.

I want to hop on the treadmill this morning before I head out. I have a lead on a toy electronic drum set on freecycle. If it pans out, that will be Mitch's Christmas present, so I hope it is useable.

What are you up to today?

Re: daily commitment thread 12-2-08

Good morning. It is so good to be able to touch base with all of you in the mornings. I'm off to the gym in a few minutes. There is a water aerobics class that is a really good workout. Just hope the water isn't too cold. I got on the scale this morning just to see how bad the week away hit. Well, it wasn't pretty. I'm up 6 pounds. Lots of ham, not enough water too many off plan foods. I tried to keep my portions small but didn't succeed obviously. Don't think I'll get it off by Thursday weigh in but I keep telling myself it is a lifetime program so the weight will eventually come off. On the plus side, I ordered some flannel lined pants from Haband in a size 16 and they fit. When I started WW I was a 24-26 or 3X. I still have a hard time wrapping my mind around going to the regular size department in a store instead of the Women's sizes.
Well, better get going. After the gym have to try and get my glasses fixed. The whole earpiece broke off yesterday. Sure hope I can get it welded back on. Don't want to have to buy new glasses.


Re: daily commitment thread 12-2-08

Morning everyone! I'm here at work already. I can't believe Dec. is here. I don't even know when I'm gonna have the time to throw up the tree.

The holiday parties are also here. My dh's company cancelled their big company x-mas party this year due to money and I can't attend mine due to it being on Sunday (I can't get a sitter on Sunday). Church isn't having the big banquet, but there is a staff dinner I have to attend tomorrow night. I don't have a clue what's being served, but I plan to just eat light tomorrow until dinner and try and make some wise choices after I see what's there.

Yesterday I did some shopping for that little girl in my SS class. I didn't have luck finding shoes (yet), but I did find several good deals on some clothing items. I mentioned to our SS superintendent the idea of heading up a toy drive for next year...and they thought it was such a good idea that I should start it this year (even though I'm getting a late start) and so that's what I got myself into, LOL. So, I'm heading up a toy/clothing drive in my spare time, LOL!!!

I did good OP yesterday and I hope to today as well. I'm thinking Wendy's chili for lunch since it's so cold and snowy.

Re: daily commitment thread 12-2-08

Morning to all!!! It is good to see Uki on here starting us off now! I know we can all do it...but it just seems that you, Uki, are always so perky and upbeat no matter what!!

Glad your daughter is better and able to go to school. I used to hate pink eye for my children.

Pat, isn't it great, though, that we can go to regular size departments! I am having a hard time adjusting to being in smaller sizes! I just pulled out the last two bins of my winter clothes and nothing fits! That is a good thing/bad thing! Nothing to wear now! I need to hit the resale shops!

I am addressing Christmas cards, etc today and plan to be OP all the way. Those desserts in the fridge are still hanging around. I will freeze them today!!! I have company coming back at Christmas and I shall unveil them again then! LOL! Or there will be dessert for my husband every night from now until the end of the year!


Re: daily commitment thread 12-2-08

I'm OP.