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daily commitment thread 12-3-08

Good morning Ladies! Happy Hump Day! :)

I am off to Wal-Mart and then busy with chores. I got my mom to the store yesterday sp she is set for the week.

I did the treadmill today and had a good OP day yesterday. My mom and I went out to lunch and I had lasagna! We ordered a lunch sized portion and split it and then got tossed salads with FF dressing. It was so good... Another OP day today as well. How about you?

Re: daily commitment thread 12-3-08

still struggling yet again, but checking in for a OP day, Maaj

Re: daily commitment thread 12-3-08

Hang in there Maaj...one day at a time.

Good morning everyone. I'm already here at work and getting ready to start my day. I stayed OP yesterday I'm happy to report.

Tonight, I'm having dinner with some people at church--it's a staff dinner we're being treated to (I work part time for my church several nights a week). Don't know what's on the menu or what's being served as it's at the pastor's house, so I packed light food for lunch.

Well, I'm in the midst of a project I've named Secret Angels. We have so far 13 names of kids in our SS dept. whose families are struggling this Christmas. I'm in the middle of organizing a toy drive for these kids. Have a lot to do in a real short amount of time. Hopefully people will pitch in a help me make it successful since I'm getting a late start.

Hope everyone has a great OP day. I hope I can stay somewhat OP this eve.

Re: daily commitment thread 12-3-08

I'm OP.


Re: daily commitment thread 12-3-08

Good afternoon. Left home early this AM to get to 8:30 water aerobics class. After the hour class I rode the elliptical machine for 10 minutes then did the first weight lifting I've done since September. Only did the ones for my legs today. Tomorrow is weigh in so didn't want to do too much lifting. I'm sure I'll still have a gain tomorrow but got on the scales and I'm down 3# since yesterday. Guess drinking all that water after I got home helped.
We're heading off to the airport soon. Picking up friends who are coming home from a trip to Seattle. They will get in about dinner time so we will stop and eat on the way home. I'll keep it light tonight.
Have a good day everyone.