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Daily commitment thread for 12-5-08

Good morning everyone and happy Friday! This was a 4 day school week, so it feels like it went really fast. The kids only have 2 more weeks of school and then they are out for 18 days! Woo Hoo!

I got my house cleaned yesterday and it feels so much better. I will do some dusting today and then I should be pretty much caught up.

Tomorrow we go out to Scott's folks' house to put up their Christmas tree. Up until last year, they always got a real tree. Then last year they just couldn't get out to do it and had no tree. It was so sad. We got them an artificial tree and set it up 2 days before Christmas. Better late than never! So this year, we want to help them get decorated a little earlier. LOL

I had a good OP day yesterday. I am having some weird foot pain that makes the treadmill a little painful. It is in the ball of my foot kind of in the middle but off to the side. I have heard of plantar fascitis and I wonder it that it what I have. I am going to google it.

Hope everyone has a good day!

Re: Daily commitment thread for 12-5-08

Good morning everyone. I'm off to the pool in a couple minutes. Have to go to the chiropractor at noon. Uki, doesn't sound like plantar fascitis that is usually in the arch and heel. Hope your foot feels better. Know how much your exercise means to you. I'll be mostly OP today. A friend is getting fish dinners (probably fried) from a fund raiser for a 40 year old nurse she worked with who has brain cancer. This evening we are going to the local youth theatre play. The kids always do such a good job. Looked at the WW message board last night and there is info about the new program. Guess WW gave the online members info early but it isn't complete. Sounds like there aren't a lot of changes except they are pushing "filling foods" which sound like the core foods. Guess I'll have to wait till next Thurs to find out for sure.


Re: Daily commitment thread for 12-5-08

YES, count me in....one day at a time OP, Maaj

Re: Daily commitment thread for 12-5-08

I'm OP today. I went to the doctor yesterday and got a flu and pneumonia shot and both my arms are hurting. The one hurt all night long when I would move it. I don't recall them hurting this bad in the past with the shots. I also had blood drawn and my finger ******** I felt like a pin cushion when I left her office. Have a great day.


Re: Daily commitment thread for 12-5-08

I guess I should of said poked my finger. They blotted out my other word and it wasn't a bad one

Re: Daily commitment thread for 12-5-08

Another OP day for me here! Was going shopping with my daughter today, but she isn't feeling weel, so we will do it Tuesday while her youngest is at Mother's Day Out. I had been gone all day almost yesterday and really didn't care about going today...it was just to help her out!

I will be going over to her house tonight to watch the four younger children while she and her husband go to their SS Christmas party. She's ordering pizza for the kids....so I guess I will fix something early to feed my husband and myself before I go over. That will help keep me out of trouble, perhaps.

I have a lot of Christmas projects going on right now, so I will have a busy day. I have been up since 4:00 this a.m. so I might have to take a nap! LOL!

Hope everyone has a great day and a wonderful week-end if you're too busy to get on here!