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Daily commitment for 12/6

Good morning. Guess everyone is busy or sleeping in today. I'm off to a few craft shows today then we have a Habitat for Humanity Christmas party tonight. We try to get all our partner families (homeowners) to get together plus tonight we will be having dedications for 2 houses. The houses were lived in by other families who for one reason or another had to move out. The houses were rehabbed and the new families were chosen to move in. What a great Christmas for them to have a warm decent home for their families.
On the food front, we are having a potluck tonight so I'm making the Aldi turkey meatballs with a sauce of a bottle of chili sauce and a jar of sugar free apricot jelly. I've got it all in the crockpot. Also will make a corn dish that is core so I know I'll have something I can eat.
Hope you all have a great weekend.


Re: Daily commitment for 12/6

good morning, and here's to another OP day...struggles are still happening with me, and I am trying to hang in there and dedicate my days to being OP. Patty that is wonderful about your involvement with 'Habitat For Humanity'....what a joy it must be to see people move into a home of their own who otherwise would never get to have that experience. And your meatballs sound delicious....I have heard you all speak of them, and not sure where to find them in N. Calif. The sauce sounds incredible too. Maajida

Re: Daily commitment for 12/6

I'm struggling this last 2 days. Having a lot of stress right now with my parents...they separated this week. Even though I'm grown with my own children, it still hurts.

Leaving to go see my mom b/c it's her birthday tomorrow. This should be a "fun" trip. I'm finding I'm nibbling and eating between meals on stuff I shouldn't all b/c I'm stressed.

Pray for me.

Re: Daily commitment for 12/6

Late start on here for me. Went to WW this a.m.. Stayed the same...but that is good since I'm concentrating more on getting through the holidays and not necessarily losing during the holiday. I have too many things going on to blow it, so as long as I can maintain, I feel good. That's what I'm going to have to do the rest of my life anyway!!!

Patty, sounds like you have a busy day and week-end! That would be exciting to see families move in to a home they never would have had if it hadn't been for Habitat. I've never been involved with any of that.

Maaj, we will get through the holidays, stuggles or not. This is usually a real depressing time for me and have to struggle to not sink into depresssion. My Mother died Dec 9, 1999 and the holidays have been tough ever since. Depression has always been a battle for me, so everyone has their stuggles, whatever they might be. I think talking about them helps a lot of times. That's why I enjoy this board so much! We can lift each other up in many different ways. Hang in there, girlfriend!

Carrie, I don't care how old we get, we never outgrow our parents! My Dad died in 1983 and I still miss him terribly! When I was in high school, many years ago, (LOL!!!!)I can remember when my parents had a really bad argument when I was in my room. That was the most devastated I had ever been, because they had never done that before! I can't imagine my parents separating after so long together! I will pray for you 'cause I'm sure you are hurting, too. Try not to turn to food for your comfort, because you know that will just make you feel worse. Try to stay busy, go outside, walk, anything to keep your mind occupied or keep you out of the kitchen! We're all here for you and you've come too far to let your guard down!

I need to get busy on some Christmas projects. We have dinner cooking on the smoker, so I'm gonna be free from the kitchen tonight! Yeah!

Hope everyone is having a great OP day!

Re: Daily commitment for 12/6

Hello everyone...it's mid-day and I am still OP...but I did get into some shopping mischief....I think some of the same issues with food can also be reflected into over-shopping, lol. Diane I want to thank you so very much for reaching out to those of us who are struggling right now....family issues are always tough, but especially at this time of year, they are even more intense to deal with. Thanks so very much for your support and understanding. Carrie, hang in there. I am sorry to hear of your parent's split - these kinds of issues affect more than just the two people involved. It is so very vital for us to take good care of our own selves at times like this....it's only natural for us to seek comfort in old destructive ways, but like everyone says, that only makes things worse and even harder to deal with. I am going through that right now too, dealing with a dad's recent death and settling my mom in a memory care place and still working fulltime and trying to be there for my daughter who is divorcing and has an 18 mo. old. I said no to any other committments this weekend besides getting back to gym and staying OP, and am hoping that the peace and quiet and solitude, with my dh gone on business, will help me get back on my feet after an intense time of struggle. Best of luck Carrie, and maybe when you get back from the visit to your mom, you can try to get some quiet 'me time'....Take care everyone...it's so wonderful to have all this nonjudgemental support and encouragement. love, Maaj