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Daily commitment 12/7

Good morning. This is a cold, snowy, blowing morning. Put on my tights under my pants for church. Hope everyone had a good day yesterday. I was busy all day with the craft shows and then our Habitat dinner last night. The dinner was such a success that we ran out of room for the latecomers to sit. The 2 families who are getting new homes are great. One of the families has a 17 year old son who had saved $500 from all his afterschool jobs and he gave that to his folks to make the downpayment on the house.
I did OK on the eating front. The turkey meatballs in sauce were very good. The corn casserole was a little dry, have to work on that recipe. Overall I did quite well staying OP. Today I'll be OP all the way.
Today is the day that the new program at WW gets started. WW gave some of the info to online members early and from what I hear it is all one plan now more like Core but emphasizing "filling foods" which I take it are more whole foods less junk. I won't get my info until Thurs. If anyone gets the official word maybe you can let us know what's up.
Well, off to church. Have a great day


Re: Daily commitment 12/7

Good morning, Patty and everyone....Here's to an OP day all the way, after recent times of struggle. Patty, glad you did so well yesterday. I am not doing WW's currently, but have had alot of experience with it in the past...doing more of my own thing now, but would love it if someone can update us on the new program for WW's and how it works. Also, glad you enjoyed those meatballs....I can't seem to find a way to locate Aldi products here on the west coast...even tried to google it and see if things could be mail ordered, but couldn't come up with anything. Suggestions? Thanks, Maajida

Re: Daily commitment 12/7

I'm OP today. Yesterday my DH and I and my brother and SIL took my parents (for their Christmas present)to Amish Acres in Nappanee, In. to see the musical It's a Wonderful Life (it was great), and then we had dinner at the Amish restaurant there. I went off program a bit but didn't totally pig out. I'm back on track today. The snow keeps falling here in Michigan and is supposed to all week. I'm loving it but it makes me want to
bake Have a great day everyone.

Re: Daily commitment 12/7

Good Morning to all...just got back from church. Plan to be OP all day again!

Patty, I found out yesterday at my meeting that we won't get the info on new program until January! We are a franchise and not part of International! GO FIGURE! Our leader did say, though, the same about the "filling foods". At least it doesn't sound like they're screwing up a "good program", anyway!! I'm ready to hear anything from anybody this week that will have the new info!

Carrie, I've thought of you so much since your post yesterday. You're in my prayers. Hope your visit goes well.

Laura, my younger daughter's in-law's live in Michigan....moved there from Washington state a couple of years ago. Our kids were sort of planning to go there for Christmas from Florida, but may not because of weather, etc. And I just thought it was BRRR cold here! You have snow and wind and......!
That makes me want to bake, too. In fact, I have to make something for SS Christmas party tomorrow night! I'm trying to think of a good finger food that will be WW friendly for me. I can always take fruit and dip, but I wanted to do something different!

Hope all of you have a great OP day.

Re: Daily commitment 12/7

Maajida, I'm guessing you know that Aldi's is a grocery store. You can go to Aldi.com and there is a store locator there. The meatballs that I used were turkey meatballs. I'm thinking that there are probably other manufacturers that make them. If you want to make your own use ground turkey breast or very lean gr. beef. I've done that also with the sauce in the crockpot. There are a couple other sauces that are good but not really WW. A bottle of chili sauce with a can of cranberry sauce is good. Also a jar of current jelly with a jar of dijon mustard.


Re: Daily commitment 12/7

Hey all...I'm just now getting home from work/church. What a day! My Sundays are hardly a day of rest!!

The visit to my mom's went ok, meaning, we didn't get into "it." The weather was really bad and it took awhile to get down there (1.5 hrs. away, but it took longer due to the snow). By time we got there, we only had time to go eat and then she had to go on to work b/c she needed extra driving time. So, we really didn't discuss too much of their problems.

Unfortunately though, the stress has thrown me somewhat off program for a couple days, not to mention the trip down there unterrupted my schedule and I haven't been to store yet to shop for myself. Tomorrow is a new day though. I don't think I've gone too terribly overboard today, but I need to get my stuff in the cabinets.

Hope everyone had a great day.

Re: Daily commitment 12/7

Hi Gang! I just wanted to check in for a moment before heading off to bed.

(((((Carrie)))))) - my heart goes out to you right now. As I read your post, my eyes filled up. My parents split up when I was a toddler, so I really had no relationship with my father. It doesn't matter how old you are, separation is ALWAYS painful. You are in my prayers.

Maaj - hang in there girl!! You can do this, we know you can. You have been down this road before and you bounced back and you can do it again. Are you planning your meals and preparing as much as possible? Have you identified the triggers that cause you to go OP? Sometimes if you can identify them and have a game plan in place for when they hit, you can thwart the binge. Let us know how we can help.

Laura and Patty, way to go on staying OP. You are a great inspiration!

Diane, I agree about just maintaining during the holidays. That is a good way to look at things. Holidays are so hard, sometimes it is too discouraging to try to lose. We are often better at maintaining and then trying for that loss in January.

I am thinking of all of you,

Re: Daily commitment 12/7

Uki, I'm doing ok today and planning ahead for things, as you suggested...gotta admit I got a little teary absorbing the caring in your words. Thanks so much, maajida