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Challenges of holiday parties.....

As some of you know, I've been struggling on and off for the last few months. Am doing ok right now, but am wary of the challenges of holiday gatherings since my ability to remain OP still feels so tentative. The major party I am worried about is my staff gathering from work...at someone's house...an elaborate meal with to die for orderves, a carved ham, and fabulous side dishes and desserts brought by the guests. In the past, I've either been too depriving in my selections and had it backfire, or I've used the occasion as an excuse for getting out of control with my eating. I'd dearly love to find some balance...I'd like to enjoy normal portions of things, but confess I don't know what 'normal' portions are. I know planning ahead will be key, but I'd be ever so grateful for any suggestions you all might think would help. I'd contemplated not going at all, but I think that would backfire too...my goal is balance..I'd like to splurge a little and enjoy the people first and foremost, but enjoy the food too, without it getting out of hand. Thanks so much for anything you think would help. Maajida

Re: Challenges of holiday parties.....

Hi Maaj
long time since I've been here.. but thats ok.

as far as portions go, if you went to meetings, its discussed all the time, its even in the materials.

if you can't measure with a meas spoon, eyeball something as the size of a deck of cares, height and width. thats a normal portion..

go to your party and have fun..... this isn't a diet, its a lifestyle....

Happy Holidays to all..

Re: Challenges of holiday parties.....

meant to type CARDS

Re: Challenges of holiday parties.....

so grateful for your support and so happy to see you here...you've been missed greatly. You ok? Happy Holidays, Maaj

Re: Challenges of holiday parties.....

Maaj, plan ahead for that day. Eat low points, but filling foods prior to your dinner. Save your extra 35 weekly points for that "special occasion" and use a portion of them!

Be sure and get in your requirements for the day, and save the other points for those extras at the dinner...but most of all ENJOY being at the party! When we deprive ourselves is when we get in to trouble.

As Tobi said, this is a lifestyle, not a diet and we have to learn some self control. The holidays are the most difficult, but so are birthdays, anniversaries, reunions, etc. They are all a part of life and so are Christmas gatherings. Don't let one meal defeat all your efforts or your goal for better health. If it doesn't go as you planned, get back on the horse the next morning and start the ride again. You will survive!

A couple of other suggestions.....before going to the dinner, eat a big salad at home. While at the dinner drink lots of water or diet soda to keep yourself feeling full. Maybe you won't want as much of anything, just a sampling. Just a thought!!

Re: Challenges of holiday parties.....

Lots of great suggestions!!!

I agree that skipping the party isn't the answer. Food is a part of life and we need to learn how to manage it.

I agree that not going to the party starving, is a good plan. When I do buffets now, what I do is survey ALL the foods first. I purposely skip anything that I can have any old day. Then I select a salad plate and take little dabs of the foods I REALLY want. If I taste it and it is not AMAZING, I don't eat it. I immediately throw it away, otherwise I get that mentality that because I took it, I should eat it... You are worth it and deserve to eat the best and if it isn't the best, don't bother. I do the same with desserts.

I also try to stay away from the food area to keep temptations to a minimum. Spend time chatting with friends instead. I also keep a diet soda in my hands at all times. It is hard to hold a plate and fork and eat if one hand is taken up with holding my glass. LOL

You can do this. Worst case scenario - if you blow it, it is only one meal and you can get right back OP the next meal. One blown meal isn't what made us fat, it is repeating that behavior over and over that did it.


Re: Challenges of holiday parties.....

again, I thank you all for the great suggestions and caring. Hugs, Maaj