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Daily Committment thread 12-9-09

I'm OP today. Didn't do too bad at the Christmas party last night. They actually had a decent healthy meal. I also had a piece of sugar free apple pie that wasn't too bad. It's a cold, rainy day here in Mi. I woke up with a sore throat and stuffy nose, yuck. I'm staying inside all day today.

Re: Daily Committment thread 12-9-09

Laura, guess everyone has had a busy day. I haven't had time to post either. Went to the gym this AM and wore myself out. I sure hope the scale shows that all my hard work has been worth it this week. I even ran on the treadmill today. Got the speed up a little too high and had to run to keep up. Found out I can do it so may add a few minutes of running into my routine.
I've got a good sounding supper in the oven right now. Pork tenderloin cooked with apples,cinnamon and a little brown sugar. Also roasted potatoes. Will make a salad and have some veggie soup as a starter. I also made chocolate pudding with Splenda. Don't know how that will be.
Hope eveyone had a good day.


Re: Daily Committment thread 12-9-09

I've been out all day helping my daughter get her Christmas shopping done. We are going back again Thursday. That is when her youngest is in Mother's Day Out. I picked up several things I needed also.

Have had a great OP day. I fixed my veggie omelet and ate before I left. We had a Subway for lunch on the run from one store to the next mall! Hasn't left any time for thinking about snacking, etc. I just got in about 45 minutes ago. It's going to be soup and sandwich for dinner. I did eat some yogurt a little bit ago, because I was beginning to get hungry.

My throat has been hurting all day and scratchy. I hope I'm not getting what my husband had last week! I wasn't feeling good last night and decided to stay in and not go to the SS party. My teacher called today while I was gone to see if I was okay.

Hope everyone has had a good day. I'm heading to the den to watch the news and weather!, then fix dinner!