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Daily commitment 12/10

Good morning. I felt like I had something missing in my life yesterday when only a couple of us posted. Hope everyone had a good day and will have a good OP day today. I'm off to the pool in a few minutes. Won't have time to do anything except the 60 minutes in the pool today. Have lots of errands to do and then have to come home and watch last night's Biggest Loser.
I have chicken laid out to thaw for supper. Not sure what I'm going to do with it but it will be OP.
Have to run.


Re: Daily commitment 12/10

so wonderful when we can check in, even before we rush off for a busy day...me too about busy and about being OP...maajida

Re: Daily commitment 12/10

Good morning!! I am off to pick up some freecycle books for Anna. These will be her Christmas gift. I did the treadmill already to get it out of the way. OP today for sure.

Re: Daily commitment 12/10

OP for me, too, today. My son is coming out for lunch, so will make something good! He and his wife (who have 6wk old baby) are doing WW together. Isn't that great. She started just before she found out she was pregnant, then couldn't do it because of that! I will be their big encourager!!

Took some cold medicine last night at dinner time and I was a zombie for the rest of the evening and night. Think I had fever during the night (or at least my husband said I did. Still have lingering symptoms, but will take more meds this a.m. Can't get sick this time of year! Too much going on!!!

Hope everyone has a GOOD, BUSY, HAPPY, OP DAY!!!!!

Re: Daily commitment 12/10

I'm OP today. I don't know what it is but I keep snacking too much. I was doing good the first 5 wks. but now little by little the snacking is creeping in.
I think I'm stressed and it makes me eat more. My husband finds out Tues. whether he will have a job or not. He works for GE and they are doing a major reorg. so it's stressful around here. He's in computers and that's a hard job to find anymore. Companies are out sourcing everything for cheap labor. All we can do is pray. Have a great day everyone.