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Daily Commitment 12/11

Good morning. Today is off to WW and then doing some shopping with Jim. I get my Week 1 WW materials today. From all I've read there isn't really much of a change from the way I've been eating. I got on the scale at home this AM and it looks like all the exxercise this week has paid off in a decent loss. I should be back to about where I was before the gain at T-giving.
Everyone have a great day


Re: Daily Commitment 12/11

Good news, Patty!!!

I am up and have exercised and am ready to head out the door again. This week has been CRAZY! I need to get food for youth group, and I want to get to the store before it gets too busy.

I got Anna's freecycle books yesterday and they will make a great gift. There are at least 30 of them and they are in pretty good shape. Yay!!

I hope everyone has a good day.


Re: Daily Commitment 12/11

I have been gone all day again with my daughter trying to get shopping finished without children. We had a good time. Now I am tired. I need to work on some craft things in a little bit.

We had a salad at Jason's Deli - yummy! Now I am going to fix a little burger to go with my homemade vegetable soup for tonight. I love having soup when it's cold outside!!

I have to move some of my craft doings off the dining table. Our grandson and his two little friends will be here tomorrow night for his birthday. I will pick them up at 4:30 and bring them out. They will be having pizza, cake, etc. I plan an OP dinner for myself and hubby unless he wants pizza with them!

They will target shoot, etc Saturday morning, weather permitting, while I go to my WW meeting. It will be a fun time for them. They will leave around noon, though, because one has a ballgame, then the other has his own birthday party that afternoon that our grandson will go to, also! How's that for busy kid's lives! LOL!

Don't know why I told all that....I just wanted to say I was having an OP day and hoping everyone else has, too!