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New Momentum plan

Went to WW this AM and got the Week 1 materials. As I had heard on the WW website, nothing has really changed for those of us doing Core. I decided to do the counting of points for the first 6 weeks but after the 1st day I'm not sure. Had to use one of my 35 weekly points to get my required dairy in and realized after dinner that I didn't get my oils (that will put me over by 3 points). When I started WW 1 1/2 yrs ago I got about 30 points. Now only get 23. Had oatmeal with banana and 1 Tbsp flaxseed for breakfast, bowl of homemade veggie soup and Boca burger on a 1 pt. roll and grapes for lunch. For supper had 4 oz of pork tenderloin with a sweet potato and bowl of veggie soup. Had 1/2 cup frozen berries and 1 cup FF plain yogurt for dessert. I would be OK if I didn't count the veggie soup as 2 pts for a cup which is what it is in the book. Don't see much difference in my soup from the 0 pt soup recipe from WW. I'll try to keep up the recording for awhile. It will be good for me to check my portions. Guess with that few points I need to plan for the whole day.
Lots of new things for sale. They have the serving spoons that are 1/2 and 1 cup and a 1/2 cup ladle. A little pricy $20 for the set. A new cookbook and a few other things.
We have just gotten the chance to participate in Monthly Pass. Does anyone have it? Is it worth the cost for e-tools?


Re: New Momentum plan

THe cost with the monthly pass comes out to
$9.22 a week vs 12 or 13 depending on the area.

you also won't have to track you can do it
on etools...

Get to goal, become lifetime and you go for free

Re: New Momentum plan

For the ladies who still go to WW and received the new material for Momentum, has anyone tried the recipes from Week 1?

They had a Caramel Cookie recipe in there that i made and wondered if anyone else has tried that one.

When i went to the meeting, the leader gave us the 12 Days of Christmas, which consisted of cookie recipes, a new one for each day, which was cool.

Re: New Momentum plan

I'm doing core and its not a filling food.
I haven't had a cookie or junky snacks in about 3
months now and I don't miss it..

Momentum is the new flex plan, counting points along with filling foods, so instead of using 2 pts for
a 100 cal pkg of cookies, its suggested to use a
filling food like a hard boiled egg..
or something with a grain in it... also fruit, and you don''t have to count points for filling foods.

Filling foods is just the list of foods with the green diamond...

Simply Filling Technique is the new aka core plan..

also all AP's no longer have to be used the same day earned, they can be banked and used after the
35 WPA's have been consumed..

other than that, thats the New Momentum program..

week 6 booklet is for old corbies. and anyone now on core, can get the week 6 book at week 1..

This week is week 3 of the new materials...

Kim. we didn't get any cookie receipes...

Re: New Momentum plan

The "12 Days of Christmas cookies", was just what the leader gave us. It was something she printed on her own.

The Caramel cookie i was referring to was in Week 1.

Re: New Momentum plan

you don''t have to count points for filling foods.

Filling foods is just the list of foods with the green diamond...


OK so if i have an omelet;

1 egg=2 points (which is considered a filling food)
mushrooms=0 points( another filling food)

I think it still is 2 points even if its a filling food( green diamond)

Unless you mean if You are on CORE you dont have to count the points.

I am confused. I never heard at the meetings NOT to count filling foods for points. But then again, all the ladies at the meeting are on Flex and not on Core, so maybe that is why it was not addressed.

Re: New Momentum plan

ooops Kim
on Flex you do have to count points for a filling
Its the core Simply Filling Technique that
theres no counting..

it sure makes life easy....

Maybe we'll get a cookie list today at the meeting, not that I'm going to attempt to even make them..

Have a Very Merry Merry Everyone...

Re: New Momentum plan

ooops on me also.

The Caramel cookie recipe was in the booklet for a lifetime membership.

I am guessing since WW has a new program ( Momentum) and this meeting site i attended just started a few weeks ago that is why i got the lifetime book.

I did enjoy the meeting, but because of work i have not been back to that one. I had to attend other sites,hopefully i will be back to it after the holidays.

Re: New Momentum plan

Hi Ladies;
Good to see you back on the board! Were the caramel cookies good? I did get my lifetime book but I haven't even had a chance to read it completely. Right now I'm just trying to stay focused on the flex plan I'm used to and when things slow down at the first of the year I'm going to get started on the new Momentum program. I'm still staying around 10 to 12 lbs. below goal.
I hope everyone has a very Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!