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Daily commitment 12/12

Good morning! I am up and able to get to the computer, finally.

Welcome to the new folks! I hope you will stop by often and feel free to post anytime.

I had a good OP day yesterday and got errands run. Today is the first day this week that I haven't had to go anywhere, so I think I will play catch up with chores and such. It should be a little more relaxed.

I will do the treadmill later this morning - no need to get it done right away before I head out the door.

The kids have 1 more week of school and then they are off on break and they CAN'T wait!

I sold some stuff on Craig's List this week, which I will put towards Christmas gifts. How is everyone else doing with shopping? Have you had to cut back too? We cut WAY back this year. I got some free stuff from freeycle and then the $$ I get from Craig's List will buy a few other things, and that is it. The tree is sprase this year, but I think the kids will understand. We are healthy, have a home, and food on the table. We are doing better than many families and I don't take that for granted.

Have a wonderful day!

Re: Daily commitment 12/12

Good morning. Good to see you Uki. I've only got a couple minutes before I have to be out the door. My 3.8 pound loss yesterday gives me more incentive to get my butt moving. I'm now 0.7 away from the 75 pound mark. This time I will get there.
I have a few gifts to buy yet but with only 1 grown son and his girlfriend we don't have much to buy. Jim and I buy our own gifts so that we get what we want. We usually buy something small for each other. Spent most of my gift money on gifts for needy families. That seems so much more special than giving to those who have more than they know what to do with already.
OK, off my soapbox.
Today will be OP day and I will track no matter how much I hate counting points.


Re: Daily commitment 12/12

Hi there :)

Today I worked from home and also went to an outing with my son and hubby in the evening at the Family NIght YMCA. Oh they had cookies, candy hot chocolate etc. but not a problem, I ate before we arrived and sailed right through. If I haden't I thik those cookies would have been gone :)

Did an intense 1/2 hour on the Eliptical at the YMCA too. Stayed within points.

Going to the YMCA today. (12-13-08) then a big holiday party with friends (Again I will eat a really filling healthy meal before I go to stave off those goodies.)