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Daily Commitment 12/14

Morning everyone. I'm still around; just haven't been spending as much time online. I've been super busy and this coming week looks to be even nuttier with my schedule.

I'm OP today, how about you?

Off to church now, hope everyone has a great day.

Re: Daily Commitment 12/14

Carrie, we were posting at the same time.


Re: Daily Commitment 12/14

Good morning, everyone. Thanks again for all the support during times of struggle. Taking it one day at a time, sometimes, one hour, lol, but yesterday was a good OP day and I an intending for today to be one too. Have my 20 mo. old grandson, who spent the night last night to give his mom a break...such a bundle of joy and energy. Have a good OP day, everyone, Maajida

Re: Daily Commitment 12/14

Just popping in for a minute. This will be a busy week with my daughter's knee surgery moved to tomorrow. I will go over around 5:30 before they leave for the hospital at 6:00. I will take four of the children to school, then have the 3 yr old with me for the time while everyone is gone.

Went to WW yesterday morning. Had lost another pound, so I am still chugging along! I am trying so hard to stay OP during the holidays and have been doing pretty good so far. I even dipped pretzels this afternoon to ship to my grandkids in FLorida! Haven't eaten any, though.

Hope all of you have had a good OP day! I will touch base as I can this week.


Re: Daily Commitment 12/14

Checking in late. I had an OP weekend too. Mitch was sick on Friday night and Saturday - stomach bug, Yuck! We didn't do much because of it. He was better today so we did go to church. The kids are in a Christmas play and needed to practice.

I made the yummiest dinner - imitation crab meat, spinach, and FF cream cheese rolled up in a wrap. Boy was that good! I will remember that one.

Welcome, Jessica! It is so great to have a new member. Post away! LOL