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Daily Commitment for 12/14

Good morning. Hope everyone is having a good weekend. I spent most of the day yesterday sewing a wall hanging for a friend. Managed to stay OP and track and count points all day. What a chore. But I have to admit it is making me more conscience of my portion sizes. Today we have a party with buffet. I'll eat before we go so I'm not starving. The group is getting so old that they have social hour at 3 and dinner at 4. Got to get the Early Bird Special. I plan on having a glass of bloody mary mix (basically spicy tomato juice) for the social time. No wine and will only eat special things and only a small amount of that.
What are you up to today?

Mixed up some PB2 this AM to have on an English Muffin. Got the bright idea to add grape jelly to it. That made it too runny so had to add more PB2. My breakfast points suddenly rose. Oh, well I enjoyed it.