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Daily commitment 12/16

I will get the ball rolling here since I am up.

Today is the only day I am here at home with no place to go, so I am making the most of it and will get this place cleaned!

I had a good OP day yesterday despite eating out. We went to a local place and I special ordered my lunch. I had grilled shrimp and veggies dry grilled in a tortilla and had them go light on the cheese. It was filling and delicious. My mom had a gift certificate for the restaurant, so lunch was free! Yay!

I plan to do the treadmill today for exercise after I call my mom to check in on her.

Sounds like folks are busy gearing up for the holidays. We got some other toys from freecycle that I will wrap today for our kids. They are used, but new to my kids and that gives me something for under the tree! We are thankful for anything right now. :)

Have a wonderful day!

Re: Daily commitment 12/16

gearing up for the holidays and another OP day...thanks so much for the kind words you always write, Uki. Love to you, and everyone here....Maajida (PS: success yesterday at remaining OP despite the fact that all the party leftovers from last Friday night where I had so much trouble at our staff party showed up again on our staff lounge table yesterday...grrrr...but I survived)

Re: Daily commitment 12/16

Good morning. I slept in this AM. Jim succeeded in giving me his cold and it has hit with a vengeance. I did well at my party yesterday. We were supposed to bring a plate of treats. I took a veggie tray with fat free dip. As it turned out almost everyone ate the veggies and not many cookies. I admit that I looked at the cookies to see if there was one that called my name but didn't see any worth the points.
Today I have to finish the wall hanging for my friends in Hungry. Their kids are going over there for Christmas and will take gifts from home for them. I have a chiropractor appt. and besides that I think I'll sit in my chair with my blanket over my lap and rest. Have to get better because Wed-Sat I have signed up to work at our local food pantry when we help people chose Christmas gifts for their family. All the gifts are donated. It really helps to make our Christmas when we see how happy the parents are to have just a few things for their kids.
I'll be OP today.
Have a good day


Re: Daily commitment 12/16

Good morning to all...as it turned out, I didn't have to stay overnight at my daughter's last night, so brought the 3 yr old granddaughter back home with me. We are iced in this morning...no school or anything gong on! I will do some of my baking that I will take this week-end on a one-day trip! I have been OP all week so far and plan to continue.

Made some wonderful chicken/vegetable soup yesterday for the husband in case I was gone for the night, so that was really good after getting home. I am busy today, but enjoying the season, smells, sounds, and fun watching the granddaughter!!

Here's to an OP day for everyone! Sounds like all of you are very busy also. I love coming on here and hearing about everyone's day and how you're doing. I'm feeling like family!!

Re: Daily commitment 12/16

I finally had a good OP day yesterday and planning for another one today. Doing some painting and redecorating before I have company next week. Have a great day everyone.