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Daily Committment Thread - 12/18/08

Wow, first to post again...here's to a great OP day for everyone...Maajida

Re: Daily Committment Thread - 12/18/08

Good morning. Off to WW today. I'm hoping that I lost at least 0.7 so I can get to 75 pounds off. What a great Christmas present to myself.Yesterday was OP and today will be another OP day. I'll post later about my weigh in.


Re: Daily Committment Thread - 12/18/08

OP today. I had a off plan day yesterday. Sigh. I just had a hankering for everything in sight. I am glad to be back OP today.


Re: Daily Committment Thread - 12/18/08

Just now on the computer today. Took the granddaughter to school and stayed in town since she got finished at 11:30, then the four older children got out at 12:30, so had to wait on them, also. I took them home afterwards, stayed for a little bit, then headed out to WalMart to grab a few things.

I almost got in trouble a bit ago eating! I had only eaten a 2 point bar mid-morning and I was really hungry when I got to the house! I heated left overs from last night and I was just shoveling it in! LOL!
I will count the points, though, and be okay. We are having the super chopper tonight, which means lots of lettuce and veggies and just a little beef! I just hate when I'm not in my routine!!!

Uki, you are always sooooo good! I'm glad to know that you can have an off day, too! LOL! We're all just alike!!!

Have a great OP afternoon!!!! Just think, a week from today and we will be almost on the downhill slope!