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Daily commitment 12/19

Good morning. Are you snowed in or waiting to be snowed in? Those seem to be the two choices for all of us in the northern states. We are supposed to get hit about 9. We'll already be at the center where we will be giving out Christmas gifts. Hope the weather doesn't keep the families from coming in. When I left yesterday the shelves looked like Santa's workshop with so many donated gifts. People are amazing, even with the economy they are willing to give so that someone else will have a nice gift.
I'll be OP today. I've made a big pot of chilli (with ground turkey) to take with us for lunch today. It may be supper also depending on how tired I am when we get home.
I heard a good quote yesterday that I'm going to try and keep in mind.
Waste or Waist?

When the last little bit of food in the bowl stares at you remember that and throw it away instead of eating it. My Mom was always one to push the last bite onto someone's plate saying "there's not enough to save". If that didn't get rid of it I was the human garbage disposal when clearing the table I would finish that last little bit in all the serving bowls. No wonder I kept getting bigger.
Enough nostalgia, I don't do that any more.
Hope you all have a safe and warm weekend.


Re: Daily commitment 12/19

Patty what an inspiring message you are sharing with us this morning. This is my last day of work before Xmas vacation, and don't have to return till Jan. 5th. It's very cold here in Calif. - no snow where we are, but it's cold enough for it. Have a wonderful OP day, everyone...I intend to do that too, despite the huge amounts of food everywhere at work today. Hugs, maaj

Re: Daily commitment 12/19

I would LOVE to get some snow! I'm in Georgia, north of Atlanta and its in the mid 60's and supposed to be in the low 70's tomorrow. It doesn't feel much like Christmas when people are wearing shorts! We are supposed to be in the 30's again by Monday.
Merry Christmas!