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Daily OP committed 12/23

Wow, where are the OP dedicated ones?

Back months ago, i to, would post daily that i was OP.

And a few would follow that lead, on a good day we may have 3-4 ladies post that they were indeed OP. That was all that matter, that someone/anyone, even if it was only ONE, was OP.

This site for me was basically for me to keep track and accountable for what i did and intended to to for that day.

It was nice if others posted, if they did, they did, if they didn't, they didn't.

I did it for me, if someone reading it enjoyed it or found inspiration from my daily OP and exercise, so be it.

Somedays no one would post, but again, that did not matter to me. Somedays it was only Tobe, Lorraine and i.

Anyway that is in the past, so today i am.


I wont write more than that, never have.

Just knowing i am OP is what i need to be.

Re: Daily OP committed 12/23

Good, late morning!! This is such a busy time, especially now with my sister visiting. Am supposed to go to my daughter's house today to help with some baking, etc. I think it is more to help the grandkids dip pretzels and do fun stuff. Our weather is icy at the moment, so am delaying going over for a little bit...therefore, had time to check in and say, I'm OP today, too.

Akus, I have seen people come and go on here, also, just in the few months that I have gotten into this web site! It is sort of like going to WW meetings to me, because I make a committment to people that I am going to have an OP day. If I don't succeed that day, I usually "fess-up" the next day if I had a slip-up. I am not a "drinker", but I have imagined that this and WW meetings, too, are sort of like AA. We seem to be accountable for our actions more if we keep "attending" whether it be on this website or at a meeting somewhere!

I thank all the ladies, and even one man since I have been posting, that take the time to get on here, whether it be just to check in and see what's going on, or to say they're going to be OP. It is all inspiration to me!! THANK YOU, AIMEE, also for creating this website just for people like me!

Hope everyone is having a JOYOUS CHRISTmas SEASON!!


Re: Daily OP committed 12/23

Ok I'll hop in here also. since Akus twisted my arm.

I weighed in and lost another lb... yayyy core.
love it....

I'm holding a good 10 under goal...

I go on another site where I hold myself accoutable daily.... its fun and the ladies are some pieces of work.. all liftetime on maintenance...

be back tomorrow maybe???????

Maybe lorraine will hop out of the woodwork one day and come back here....

I hear from Louanne, she also is doing well. under goal also....

Re: Daily OP committed 12/23

Tobe and Akus, so good to see your postings...you are both an inspiration for whenever you choose to post. I am glad to post of being OP today too....Maajida

Re: Daily OP committed 12/23

I guess better late than never. I was out of the house early today to get to the gym. Needed to earn as many AP as possible before I go to my son's tomorrow. I earned 5 today. So for the rest of the week I have 8 AP plus my 35 so should be in good shape. I know his girlfriend is making lasagna tomorrow so will have a small piece. I've asked her to have plenty of veggies. I'm taking some of "my" food so when necessary I can pull from my stash. She is doing WW on and off so don't know how well stocked she is. My goal is to not gain while I'm gone. Went to WW yesterday (usually Thurs) and had stayed the same since Thurs. Got a good pep talk about how to keep sane during the holidays. I think I'm in good shape. I'm even taking our lunch in the car so we aren't at the mercy of fast food places.
Hope you all have a wonderful Christmas and New Year.
It's good to see some of the "old timers" back. Where are all the others who have been so faithful posting. Hope they are just busy and will come back after the holidays.